Never tell me the odds

It was a strange feeling to be back on the sideline of the pitch again.

But it was a good feeling.

He took a rest from coaching Lizardmen teams. He got a great deal from an unknown sponsor for an even more unknown human team.

The “Bodenheimer Bashers”. What a silly name. But after spending nearly all his gold on unsuccessful sport beddings he desperately needed a job. There where some Goblins lurking in too many dark corners.

In the last Test game he learned, or maybe had to relearn, that a human head is much squishier than the head of a Saurus. One of his Blitzers didn’t knew it either it seemed…

But after a short period of time he found a good replacement. And the new MML season was just ready to begin.

He didn’t knew how good his chances were, nor did he knew how many players would survive a whole season.

But when he knew anything, especially about blood bowl and maybe about sport beddings too, than: don’t tell me the odds.

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