New Task, New League, New Coach

Greg Thompson: Greg Thompson here from the Brecher Facilitie with big news. We got message that Die Orkischen Brecher are promoted to the Pro League. Also it seems like there is a new Coach and new teams heading to the Farmleage. We try to get a word from Coach Zidjey and Manager Samui.
After a short time of wait Coach Zidjey and Manager Samui came outside to answer some questions of the media. After answering two free reporters they got closer to Greg.
Greg Thompson: Zidjey, Samui, can I have a word please? Just some questions!
The two stepped infront of him.
Greg Thompson: Thank you both for answering some questions. As we got news Die Orkischen Brecher will play in the Pro League next season. Is that correct?
Zidjey: Yes this is indeed correct. We got the letter from the league officials today. The team will play in the DVC/WAC Conference.
Greg Thompson: That means you will go against 3-time champion Ubersreik Flamers, the legendary Order of the Holy Squirrel and several high trained and high classed teams. Are you confident or is there maybe some fear for this big tasks?
Zidjey: Fear? Never! I may be Human, but I train Orcs and we don’t know the word fear. However, there certenly is respect. It’s not the Challenge League anymore where teams do mistakes. This games will be on a high level and no mistakes. Players are professionals. But so are my Orcs. I am sure Gremlog, Subber and all the others are ready for the task.
Greg Thompson: We also got news your facility hired a new Coach and brought in three new teams to the farm.
Zidjey: You are right about the teams, but not about the Coach.
Greg Thompson: That means you will Coach them?
Zidjey: No
Greg: Thompson: But you just said…
Zidjey: I know what I just said. The Coach of the three new teams is non other than our former Manager Samui.
Samui: It will be DiePandaKatze from now on. I selected high class Beastmen and Chaos Warriors to form a Chaos team, travelled to Naggaroth to chose Dark Elves for a team and went to Sylvania and beyond to find myself a Necromancer team in the last couple of weeks. I am looking forward to train them, grow with them and to join the league in season 20. And we will be ready!
Greg Thompson: Very interesting news indeed. But this leaves a new question: Who will replace you as the Manager of your facility?
Samui: Our facility will be managed by a trustworthy and competent character, handpicked by Zidjey and myself. The name will be revealed soon.
Without any more words Zidjey and Samui attempted to turn around and walk back in. Greg tried to get more and followed them but was stopped by a massive Black Orc. As he dropped off his big, massiv chest the reporter looked up and recognized the Black Orc as Gremgol Elfenfresser, the ex-player of Die Orkischen Brecher who retired due to an injury. He is the new chief security guard of the team…

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