No Mercy


The rear doors of the wagon opened and the occupants emerged blinking and stumbling into the light, they had been bounced around and kept in the dark (literally) for several hours in the rear of the prison transport on a journey that was supposed to last a few minutes, they had been thrown around and jolted about and now they were cold, tired, hungry and confused, but mostly just angry, they looked around the small room they had climbed out into, the wagon still pulled up at the door, the walls were stone, the floor covered in sand and a few wooden benches lined 3 walls, on one sat a massively fat figure, hunched over, its face hidden in the shadows of a hood pulled up over his head.

Coach; You may wonder why your here, you may be thinking of escape, let me answer those questions for you, escape is impossible, once you crossed the threshold of the doorway you were enchanted, if you leave this area without my permission or try to run when we do leave your demise will be…..quite spectacular. why are you here? let me explain, I needed a new squad, a team if you will, and unfortunately my unthinking minions hijacked the wrong wagon, you were supposed to be a top sports team, a legendary squad of players, you obviously are not….. however, your all I have so ill have to make do, altho’ i don’t hold out much hope.

At that point a low growl rumbled out from the parked wagon, the hunched figure rose and shuffled towards the doorway, she peered into the gloom inside the wagon and was rewarded by a guttural roar and 2 pairs of small red eyes staring back, the wagon creaked and groaned as two large, very large shapes emerged.

Goblin: Right mister (they are goblins, not really thinkers) meet The Void and Abyss, them’s probably not happy with this, maybe they tear your arms off, maybe your legs before we leave, lets see..

Coach: Hmmm, things are looking up, maybe with these and a couple of others i can bribe or co-hearse we can compete, and did i not mention the enchantment also means you can do me no harm.

The two trolls had stepped towards the hooded figure, pure hate on their features, they now stopped looking slightly confused and as one knelt and bowed their heads in submission as the goblins looked on in amazement.

Coach: so, tomorrow we start to train for our first match, you’ll get fed and we will find you some uniforms, yes, this could work out……..

Goblin: Train for what? we don’t do no matches, we is thieves, muggers, murderers, fire starters (Twisted Fire starters)  and low down dirty gitz,

Coach; and now your a bloodbowl team ( this brings a groan from goblin throats and confused looks from the trolls) and you will play.

Goblin; But we is rubbish at bloodbowl, goblins are even when they do train, and we are untrained, we don’t stand a chance of winning…….

Coach: Oh, who said win? i don’t care if you win or even survive, i just want you to go out and cause as much carnage as possible, wreak havoc on the pitch and your opponents, disrupt the natural order and weaken the other teams, is that too much to ask (she gently strokes the heads of the kneeling trolls)

Goblin: sounds like fun, yeah we can do that, but whats in it for us?

Coach; well, some of you will get to survive, if your good enough you may even get drafted to a proper team. so you see we all win,…… and they all lose, even when they win  she added softly almost to herself.

Goblin: and whats we called, something cool?

Coach: i will only shout one instruction from the sidelines, lets make it short and easy shall we ” No Mercy” hows that sound.

Everyone nodded in agreement as she knew they were magically compelled to do.

No Mercy was born…

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