“This is not a team… Just a bunch of renegades picked up from the worst places I’ve been lately, fighting pits, arenas, battlegrounds.

They’ve not experience, driven by hunger and desperation, struggling to survive day by day… They surely are tough and resilient, they hit hard but without accuracy, since they lack any skill…

First of all I’ve got to teach team how to defend themselves, they will learn to block attacks, then will be the time to hit even harder, in order to smash the armors and flesh and bones are made to protect… So they will mutate their bodies, second heads, arms, tails, claws will grow up from their skin, and opponents will be scared by the look of them. At some point we could even hire a minotaur, fearsome and untamable beast, in order to spread more pain on the playground…

I will teach them, and they will learn, in the hardest way possible: risking their lives match by match… They will become stronger, or will die trying.

No, this is not a team… Not yet”





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