Old and Forgotten

A beastman walks up the long dusty drive to a small cabin tucked into a hillside up against a woods edge.  A man reading a local tribune balances on the back legs of an old wooden chair.

“Anything interesting in the sheets, old man?” The beastman announces as he grows near. “Or is it all local politics and drama?”

The paper slowly lower to reveal an angry set of eyes and then a lightly greyed beard surrounding a scowling mouth.  “Told you never to come here, Lemon.  I told everyone that.”  The man raises the paper back up and continues. “Closed that chapter of my life and left the messes that it cause behind me.”

“I’ll go,” the beastman grunts, “Just needed to let you know Beard died.  He took on a new contract with a different Chaos team after you left.  He wasn’t far from retiring.  He only needed a few more games to collect a full pension.  But, he didn’t make it.”

The paper snaps down and the eye now longer show anger but have been replaced with focus.  “Not many live to retire.  Many get close and don’t know when to let go.  Many of the greats have went out that way.  No shame in it.  It’s just the way it happens.  Beard was part of many great things on the field.  Was a combination of skills that has never been seen before and not likely to be seen again.”

The beastman nods, “Some of the guys want to make a run at coming back.  Sounds like there is a spot in the Pros that the team can walk right into.  The cow is out and we are filling out a 11 man roster.  Some of the guys are a bit old and might only have a few games left in them.  But, they want to give it another go.  Figured we’d see if you would give it another shot… maybe see if you can find a new set of skills that will never be seen again.”  The beastman turn and walk away on the long dusty drive and the paper raises up again.


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