Open Invitation to Gaesmal from the Slaan Seers

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Dearest Gaesmal,

I must confess I enjoyed hearing about your recent exploits, when you took up MarSHEEP Faulk, on his offer to visit the Power Hour stadium. I can’t believe you had the audacity to call him a beast! – Although I did enjoy your recovery of, ‘pass to the East!’ – Very witty! The kind of wit and humour I have come to expect from you!

So, the Slaan Seers are out of the play offs. This is naturally disappointing for me, and I had been on record as stating I believed that the Blitzkreigers game would be the ‘make or break’ game for the Seers. It was, as I am sure you are aware, a draw. Since then things just went downhill with a draw, (although I believe a fortunate one,) against the Titans and then a rather irritating loss against the White Owlz. Fricking elves, what can I say, eh? (No offence.) – Never mind though! I think we will potentially be eligible for a bowl game. So, I would like to formally invite you to watch the game, should it materialise. (Hopefully it will be at our stadium, although I obviously cannot guarantee this.) I have even been trying to train my skinks, who are not the best at communicating in the common tongue, to say your name. Sadly they seem to insist on saying the word, “Fool,” instead of your name and then just tittering and laughing amongst themselves. Perhaps they know something we don’t, eh?

I am after all, for some reason, the very proud president of the ‘Gaesmal fan club.’ I would therefore expect you to take up my offer and would be absolutely ecstatic to extend any hospitality possible to you. We are not really big on courtesans or other ladies of ill repute at the All Seeing Eye, but I can see what I can do. – Feel free to bring your own, just as long as I don’t have to pay the bill. I shall also see if we can arrange some special squashed insect alcoholic beverage for your to consume. – The skinks love it, but not before a game!

Please, please do accept our invitation, (assuming we do get a bowl game.) It would mean the world, (or at least a small unimportant continent on a rather meaningless world,) to me!  I promise the Kroxigor won’t eat you. I can’t promise he won’t try to nibble on your face a little bit, but he only means it in a friendly way! I will reinforce with him you are an honoured guest!

Yours Fraternally, (oh no maybe not that, sounds a bit Greendale,) Lovingly, (no, that is sort of what you do with the elven courtesans,) Lets go with;

Yours Faithfully,

Josiah Frost. (Writing in my official role as the president of the Gaesmal fan club.) – Yay! Go Blitzkreigers! – Yay, Go Gaesmal! – etc, etc, etc

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  1. Ooohhh…fraternities at Greendale. Definitely must be included in a future storyline. Thanks, JoFro! I hope Gas Mile accepts the invitation from his #1 fan!! Nevermind those gossipy little skinks!

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