Orcatraz: #FreeJamacia

To Whom it may… F’ORC THAT!!! You all better listen up!

I’m innocent. Did I do the things I’m convicted of… YES. But, I have now found out why.
Today I was pulled out of my cell and placed in some smelly interrogation room. Chained to a chair I was left for what felt like an eternity. Then, the door busted open and a short stumpy orc chewing a half lit cigar trundles through the door.
“You know who I am?” The pudgy orc inquires
“Nope, you know who I am?” I reply
Blowing smoke from his nostrils he grumbled, “Inmate 0071917. Coaching name More_Shots A.K.A. Don Jamaica. You’re a headache that keeps getting worse. The gobbo’s said they had a plan to send you here. Something about Bloodweiser laced with hallucinogenic. Said if I kept you busy they would take care of the APOs and refs. They told me they would get my proud Titans the victory to stole from them in Season 2. You have no right to even be in that game! Was all luck… you can’t even tie the shoes of the Titans your chaos teams was so low.”
“So, who the F’Orc are you?”
“I’m the F’Orcing man ‘round here! Orcatraz is my island and these guards are my dogs. I’m the warden of this hole and you’ll call me Captain and the guards Boss.”
“OK, Captain… why did you drag me down he? Was it just so you could brag about the Titans beating me? Cause if that’s the cause the Slaans did it too and they are now in first.”
The Captain now visable angry, “DOUBLE CROSSING GOBBOS!!! SURE THE TITANS BEAT YOU!!! But, I know they fixed the Titans game last week! Orc armor doesn’t break that way… It never breaks like that. Sure dwarf hit hard… But, the Titans never had a chance. Now they have to face dwarfs again. 3 Dwarfs in 1 season… no team should have to face that. But, that’s not a problem anymore either. I bet the goblins did something with Shaky in the Shock’n’ore too. Communication was tough with them before… but now they are just gone! What we’ve got here is … failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week. Which is the way gobbos want IT! Well, they get it. I don’t like it any more than you man.”
“I wasn’t the most honest league APO … but, if what you’re saying is true this is putting all the players at risk. The past 2 weeks have seen star after ending up dead at the hands of APOs. I’m not saying my APOs did much better. But, at least they tried. I mean most times player would get away with a niggle. I’m powerless in here. I’m only let out for games and announcing sometimes. I can’t stop this. Nobody even knows where the Goblin Gambling is based out of?”
The warden pause for and uncomfortable amount of time, “Not sure, Not sure what anyone can do? Nobody was looking for this kind of thing. They just knew each teams weaknesses and then offered them what they wanted and then used the promises against them. Would be surprised if the Leaping Lizards skink’roid supply doesn’t dry up soon or if Gladiators players start getting killed. Seems they are targeting older teams.”
“I have a game against a new team in a few hours! (5pm ET) It’s a new undead team that has only had 1 PRO game. They have a vampire coach and block mummies! Have they been send by the gobbos to end my team?”

The warden simple shrugged and walked out. Leaving me in a dark smelly room with a cloud of cigar smoke.

Walking Dead Reanimated vs Bill COWher Power Hour 5pm ET


  1. Game Time may be sooner pending prisoner transfer speed. (Soonest 4pm ET watch discord chat for details)

  2. Fnords the vampire…that explains the blood…I mean red wine he was drinking during the last game.

  3. Nurgre was seen around the stadium shortly before game time… then all 4 undead players regenerated…

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