Orcatraz: Furlough

To Whom it May Concern,

The warden was in a good mood.  Titans made playoffs for another season.  You’d think it wouldn’t be that big of a deal for him… they always seem to make playoffs.  But, I’m grateful for his mood.  He granted me a day with the team.  So, chained and escorted by to orcs I was delivered.

I was dropped off at an ash covered plot of land that once was home.  Toasted bits of wood stuck up in a few places where the high stands surrounded the players.  It was only a few weeks ago that this was one of the finest stadiums in the East.  Now it was only good for turning the beastmen’s hooves from clean to dirty.  Next to the the fireballed Red Ram two boxes laid.  One large and one a bit smaller.  I turned to the team.

“Why didn’t you bury them?  Why are they still sitting here in this depressing place?”

RAM Chancellor looked up with empty eyes and quietly said, “We needed to win again first.  We can’t bury our teammates after a loss… not after a tie.  Only after a win can we bury them.”

So, that was how we spent the next few hours.  We dug a hole above the logo and one below the logo.  We said our goodbyes to Jameson and StrayRAM.  It wasn’t over sentimental or sad.  The team did what they had to and did what they thought was right.  Not sure why they felt they needed to win a game before putting them in the ground.  I guys it must have been something they would have wanted if they had been the one inside that box.  Tough to say ready.  Most of the players can’t even talk.  Knob Creek and Makers try sometimes but all that comes out is noises that sound like a piece of wood being scrapped across a rough road and then magnified by a large metal drum.  But, who am I to judge… they try their best.

My time was up. The heavy handed guard orcs grabbed my and began to drag me off.  Some of the team members flinched as if they saw a green flag for a kick off blitz and planned to bumrush the guards.  But, RAM Chancellor stopped them and slowly followed me as I was carried away.  As I was loaded for transport he shouted out to me.

“What do you know what Skaven Mole rats?  Someone said we need to be ready for them to show up.”

Not sure what that was about.  I’m guessing somebody was telling them scary stories again.  Beastman can be easily confused at times.  I was nice seeing the team.  The win last week picked their spirits up some and hopefully we can get another win.  I didn’t want to put any extra pressure on them but, if they can somehow beat the dwarfs this week a 4th Bloodweiser Bowl will be in the future for them.




  1. This team needs to take the next step into the playoffs, before their window closes. The Necro are coming…

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