Orkham Origins – The Lunatics

From the beginning.

Orc Warboss Grimlok. Notoriously known throughout the old world. This Orc Warboss handled his business a little different to other Orcs. Not content with slaying his victims, he enjoyed to torture them. This made him feared across the lands more than most. During an invasion on neighbouring land controlled by the High Elves, Grimlok encountered some rebel Orcs within his factions. These rebel Orcs had created an allegiance within his ranks. Each one manipulating the minds of those around him with a hidden agenda. Each one planned to overthrow Grimlok and take control. That being said, each one was very different from the next. Though their goal was the same their methods were not. These rebels had gathered quite a following without Grimlok ever becoming aware. Until now.

After returning from their siege on Elf land Grinlok decided it was time to address this potential threat to his leadership. “Go get me dem lunatics, dem gits is gonna suffer for dis”. During the night each of these rebel Orcs was rounded up 1 at a time by a group of loyal Black Orcs. Although Grimlok was angered by these rebel Orcs, but he also admired them a little bit for their deviousness and ability to recruit others to their cause. For this reason Grimlok decided that simply killing them would not be enough. He wanted to punish them. He ordered them to be sent away somewhere. However, he also felt that these individuals would be of use to him some day. They just needed to be groomed and raised in such a manner that Grimlok could benefit from. Grimlok decided they should be locked away somewhere that they could be under constant surveillance. They would be made to suffer for their treacherous crimes.

And so Orkham Asylum was built.

A small prison island which hadn’t seen any visitors for decades would soon become home to these crazed individuals. From here they would be beaten, and suffer all kinds of punsihment. Physically and mentally. Most people would be driven insane, and maybe they were. Over the next few months more and more Orcs were imprisoned on the island. Though they didn’t know it yet, they were not their to be punished, they were there as part of an experiment. The Orc Boss wanted to see how the original inmates would respond to these visitors on their island. Over the coming weeks all of the ‘original’ inmates had recruited the services of these ‘experimental’ orcs in one way or another. We were beginning to see factions forming under the influence of each original inmate. This was reported back to the Orc Boss who wished to see this for himself. “Dem gitz be doin’ good. Maybe i wont be killin’ dem just yet, they got good leadership skills”.  The Orc Boss noticed something during his trip to the island. A large field and muddy area, covered with dried blood and limbs which had been marked up with white lines and numbers for some reason. Surrounding this marked area were numerous viewing stands that looked like spectator stands. “Wots dat area for” the Orc Boss asked the designated Goblin island guide. “Thats the islands Blood Bowl field, prisoners used to play da guards on dat field” replied the Goblin. That gave the Orc Boss something to think about. Maybe he had just found a use for these lunatics.

Once the Orc Boss returned to his village he ordered some of his trusty grots to go out and find him an Orc Blood Bowl coach. “You gonna get me an Orc coach, no oomies, no stinkin’ rats. An Orc coach d’ya hear me” demanded the Orc Boss. The band of grots set off to find their boss the Orc coach he was looking for.After spending time watching numerous Blood Bowl games and speaking to other goblins around the old lands there was one name that had been mentioned numerous times. That was the name of coach Stompa. The grots set out to track down this Orc coach. They had heard about his reputation. Founding member of the former Blood Bowl franchise the ‘Sinister 7’. The grots began to beleive they had found the right man for the job.


Coach Stompa was prepping his team the Stompa Boy Buccaneers. Hoping this would be the season they break into the MML Challenge League and cause mayhem. During a pre season farm game against The Undercity Steelers he noticed a bunch of suspicious looking Grots on the sidelines. They looked different. Like they weren’t from around here. Stompa sent his grot over to question their intentions. They replied “we seek an audience with your boss”.Stompa obliged. “Wot you want? I is busy at da moment cant ya see”. The nervous looking Grots informed the Orc coach that their boss would like to meet him. He had a proposition for him. It would be good to make a lot of gold. Stompa loved gold more than anything. After the game Stompa took a couple of his Black Orcs to go meet this Orc the Grots were talking about.

Once Stompa arrived he was met by Grimlok. “Welcome Stompa, i’ve ‘eard good fings about you, i fink you gonna like wot i got for you” Grimlok told the visiting Orc coach. Grimlok had arranged a Blood Bowl game with his inmates and a bunch of Skaven ratbags he had enslaved for training purposes for this new ‘team’.Stompa watched the game. He was very impressed with what he saw. There was something different about this Orc team. Unlike anything he had seen before. “Wot you fink? You fink you can coach this team? You fink you can make them succesful? asked Grimlok. Stompa was happy to take up the challenge. “I fink i can do something with dis lot”. Stompa told the Orc Warboss.

And a deal was made. Stompa would coach this new team of Orkham Lunatics. He would bring them to the MML and unleash them on his fellow coaches.

Let the ‘lunacy’ begin…..

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