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Hello everyone! This is Harry Gobbo, coming to you live from OSPN studios, where we are joined by Coach Caven of the Wrecking Kru! It has been quite awhile since we have heard from the Ol’ Ball Coach, so it is our great pleasure to interrupt anything you had going on in order to bring you this exclusive interview! Orc Sports Programming Network is always hard at work to bring you thrilling entertainment, but instead, today, we bring you this interview! Without further interruption, let’s get to it!

Coach Caven, you and the Wrecking Kru went dark all of last season where communication is concerned. Can you explain?

“Certainly, Harry. As you, and everyone else knows, we had a miserable season. We struggled in areas that we normally don’t struggle in. We didn’t cause many injuries, we faced a wizard in every game of the season except the last one. We had some terrible breaks, we had referees extend games by just enough time to allow our opponents score the game winning touchdown, and we had some chemistry problems with the new Black Orc. We just didn’t have the heart, nor the energy, to take time for interviews, particularly when we knew the only question would be: what is wrong with Wrecking Kru? But, here I am tonight, with a special announcement concerning the Kru.”

Well, this certainly sounds exciting! Is it the signing of some great player? Moving to another division or stadium? Tell us, Coach, what is this special announcement?

“Harry, I am here to announce that the Wrecking Kru will be playing their final season. They will be going on a farewell tour in Season 7, then will cease to be an MML Pro franchise. We will give the players their releases, if they ask for them, and the team will move into the farm system. They will be able to cultivate new players, a new fan base, and will have a new head Coach. I will no longer be in charge of the Wrecking Kru once this season is over.”

Uhm, Coach, that is certainly not what Wrecking Kru fans were expecting to hear! Can you tell us why? What about Gutrad and Morgoth and Takru?

“Harry, without going in to specifics, I was approached by another group that was interested in my services. They have assured me that it is vital that I assist them in their endeavors, and I am convinced that helping this new group is what I am supposed to be doing. After this season, I will hold a separate news conference to give you more details. As of now, I am still with the Kru, and focused on making this our best season ever. As for the boys, they understand, and are all in for this season. They are on the verge of retirement themselves, and want to be able to walk away from the game on their own two feet, so they are fine with this decision.”

Coach Caven, can you tell us anything about this season, then?

“Harry, we have trimmed our roster some, will make one additional cut, and then play with the guys we have. It won’t be an easy season. The competition will be very good. The other coaches are very good. But, we will not have to face everything that we faced last season, so we have a very good chance at making the playoffs, and then anything can happen. That’s all I have to say for now, Harry. Thank you for your time.”


There you have it, Kru fans!! This will be the farewell tour of the most successful Orc franchise in MML history. The Kru will be playing their final season in the Iron League, then will move down to the farm level. This certainly has me all choked up, and I know Kru fans everywhere are saddened by this news. So, until our first installment of OSPN featuring Wrecking Kru in Season 7, take care and keep your spirits up!


  1. Will be a shame to lose such a legendary team in the MML; a team that still holds 4 MML regular-season records. But the development of the storylines and the coaches in the MML has been top-notch. I raise my glass to you and the kru, Caven. Let’s light up the play pool in S7!

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