Pink Meats

    This wasn’t just an ordinary Orc team, they were much more. This is a story people wondered about for ages. How the P!NK PANTHERS got their name. Well first we need to start from the beginning. How they were molded and how their coach came across them. This is the story of the P1NK PANTHERS.


    The team captain known as Morglum Eat’Elbow has the best heart touching story of the twelve players. He was only one when his parents were selected to go into the meat grinder. They weren’t selected to work there, but to be grinded up in there. He grew up on the streets where he prayed to Nuffle for a chance to be part of a big Blood Bowl team. He also got older and hit the gym everyday. This molded Morglum Eat’Elbow into the man he his today.


    Our other three Black Orcs were brothers. They all were set up to be part of the P!NK PANTHERS whenever they killed their way through the Orc and Dwarf war. There was originally four, but their brother was murdered and used as beard grease for the Dwarfs. The three brothers shortly retired from the military after the fact. Their PTSD sometimes get other people killed, but they use it to their advantage during a Blood Bowl game.


      The four Blitzers of the team we’re friends, very troubled friends at that. They were the ones to dunk Goblins in the toilets at school or mug people for fun. They were perfect for the team that was to come. They wanted glory more than anything. That’s why they did the things they’ve done. One day they would live in infamy.


     As for the the Four Lineman, they were the ones to be picked on at school. But not outside of school. The four of them got picked on enough that they finally snapped. The bullies no longer showed up at school. The four of them, would go on to take punches left and right without giving up. They were the perfect four for the games to come.


   They were on there way to infamy in the legendary MML. They would hopefully have their glory. They would hopefully die legends. This was the hope for the P!NK PANTHERS. As their motto went, become legend or die trying.

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