Post-Game Interview S17W1 Agony vs Solus Savors

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kjell and I am the new reporter for the MML. My duties are pre- and postgame interviews, collecting data and statistics and to make summaries of matches. I had the chance to speak with the Coaches ChaseJJ and JimSardonic after their game against each other. First, I had the chance to speak with ChaseJJ, who had a smile on his face after he had won the match.

Kjell: Welcome to all the readers and a special welcome to my guest at this time, the Coach of the Solus Savors Norse team, Coach ChaseJJ. Welcome Coach and congratulations to your victory last night in the game against Jim Sardonic and his Necromancer team Agony. As a start, could you give us some words about your thoughts after this victory and the game in total?

ChaseJJ: Hello hello! It was a hard fought victory and Jim played very well. When I received the ball in the second half I hoped that Jim would overcommit and I’d be able to punt the ball deep into his half hopefully not leaving him enough time to score again. Jim left a small gap I was able to slip through and I was able to score the winning touchdown. I think if we replayed that drive Jim’s necro would score again and win. The game itself definitely did not play out as I’d expected. I lost the ball on turn 3 or 4, had lost several key players, and then I managed to kill two, recover the ball, and score. Then in the second half Solus was throughly outbashed. Solus took some heavy damage but I think we’ll be able to recover and still have a very competitive season.

Kjell: That is very true, it was a hard fought victory for you and a hard fought game in total. Let’s dive in a bit deeper, shall we? So as you already mentioned, the game did not go like you expected it. Clearly turn 1 was already a big turn down, when your Yheti Véfúss the Boli was blitzed by Werwolve Fleabite Rockdodger and was out injured. Your apo did great work and brought him back. But still, this was a major loss for the ball protection, wasn’t it?

ChaseJJ: It really was, after Véfúss went out I tried to stabilize and protect the ball. Then I lost ISIC and I was really scrambling. Having the wizard looming over my head only made matters worse too.

Kjell: That wizard was a threat almost the entire game, but we will talk about him a bit later. ISIC, the Ulfwerener was the next major piece to go out. Good for you it was just a knock out and he had the chance to come back later. In turn 3 the ball got lose because of too many protection pieces falling apart and the Werwolves did an excellent job. But you managed to recover the ball and go for a Touchdown in Turn 6. In the process you managed to kill Wight Will Ness in turn 3, injure Fleabite in Turn 4 and kill Flesh Golem Miss Ery in turn 6. With the Necromancers in a bad position, why did you not stall the ball with only two more turns in the first half?

ChaseJJ: I didn’t feel like I could safely protect the ball if I tried to stall. The wizard was still in play and he had several players free that could easily get the ball, especially if he decided to use the wizard. I was also pretty confident in my ability to stop him from scoring.

Kjell: Your confidence did not lie to you. The first half ended with a 1:0 lead for you. The second half started with Agony getting their knocked out Werwolve Al Gony back, but your Berserker and your Ulfwerener did not. And the worst thing came in turn 10, when Yheti Véfúss the Boli got blitzed from Al Gony and was killed. Other pieces got removed as well and Agony came to an easy score in turn 12. So, the score was 1:1, you received the ball and only four of your players were on the pitch. Did you have much hope at this point to get something out of the game?

ChaseJJ: Not even remotely, I was expecting a 2 or even 3-1 loss at that point. I’d decided to try a last ditch play and chuck the ball as deep into his half as I could and hopefully he wouldn’t have time to get the ball and score.

Kjell: I remember the commentator say “Remember, Nuffle is a weird god sometimes. But it lacks the hope”, right before your biggest play of the evening. As you mentioned, the pass of last hope came into play. Jim using the wizard on the line of scrimmage, casting a fireball and he stunned one of your linemen. Skallabera was marked heavily, but he managed the 4+-3+ dodge and two gfis to be out of blitz range, then Han Yolo was running all the way to the left side and threw the pass. The touchdown in the turn after was the easy outcome of this huge play by the two Norse players. Was this something you train a lot with your team or did you adapt to the situation?

ChaseJJ: It is and it isn’t. Han is well versed in last second punts and game winning passes. I can’t say we’ve really trained the linemen to dodge like elves but Skallabera has been on Solus for a very long time and I’m not surprised that he managed to pick something up from Han.

Kjell: It was a great play and to see some technique after such a hard hitting game was a surprise and a very nice ending. Last but not least let’s have a look into the future. Week 2 will come soon and your next opponent will be “We the Norse”. Another great Norse team managed by Coach “The Doomfrog”. Would you say it’s easier or more difficult to play against the same race like your team and what do you expect from your team in this game and the game in total?

ChaseJJ: Thats an interesting question. In general I think a lot of it has to do with how the teams are built and its also even more reliant on dice then a typical game of blood bowl. As for this particular game I think its gonna come down to who wins the kickoff and which team can survive the longest. I think there will be one turn where one team injures several key players and the game will be won off that turn. I expect the match to be a knockdown drag out fight and I won’t be surprised if one or both of our seasons will be ended. Doom plays against dwarfs this week and that match will seriously affect how our match next week goes.

Kjell: We will look forward to this game and let’s hope it will be a big one like your game against Agony. Thank you Coach ChaseJJ for your time and your words. We will see you on the pitch.


Next, I spoke to JimSardonic who came up short in the game. But that wasn’t the only thing tilting him and giving him a kind of angry look on his face…

Kjell: Welcome Coach JimSardonic. It’s nice to have you for this post game interview. Your game against Coach ChaseJJ and his Norse “Solus Savors” was definitely a tough and rough one. Can you give me and the readers some short words what your thoughts are after this tight loss?

JimSardonic: Short words? How about Regen. Is. A. Lie! Truth told, I uncharacteristically tilted a bit after the death of two positionals, and really just didn’t play as well I should have. Chase, as always, was on his mark — but my thoughts kept drifting to “how do I fix this?” instead of “How do I win this game?

Kjell: Just to give our readers some background information here: Wight Will Ness died on turn 3, Werwolve Fleabite Rockdodger was injured on turn 4 and Fleshgolem Miss Ery died on Turn 6. All of them did not make the regeneration roll. One Zombie made a regeneration roll, which was the only one in the entire game. So your anger about it, is quite understandable. After the first 3 turns slightly favor your team, the turnaround came in turn 4 after the death of Will Ness and after that you rolled a double one on a gfi with Ghoul Gloomfrog. Would you say this was the cracking point for the first half?

JimSardonic: We all know that the pros are no joke, and when it seems that nothing is going right and you’re losing skilled players at will, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand. My mind went to “How will I deal with all of the elves in this division? I still have another Norse team to play! And Chorfs and dwarves!” Better coaches than I could have stayed in the moment, but I was well distracted by the notion that our season was ruined week one. That said, it really wasn’t, and we will press on. We have some nice jackets currently being made out of a yeti pelt, and we’ll use our losses as a rally point to strengthen the team going forward.

Kjell: The first half ended with a 1:0 lead for Solus Savor. But the second half did not only start good for you but almost the whole half you had a better position than Chase. Al Gony was probably the MVP of the game, killing the Yheti in turn 10 and knocking out multiple pieces. How important would you say was it to have him especially with one werwolve, wight and fleshgolem down?

JimSardonic: There is no question, Al is a star on this team. And some people gauge a star by their numbers — their performance. A real star comes through when the team is down, puts the game on his back, and carries the rest. And that’s what Al was doing.

Kjell: You were able to turn your advantage in the second half into a touchdown by Gloomfrog in turn 12. But now we have to talk about the worst part of your game. Turn 13, kick off. The Norse had only 4 man left on the pitch. They picked up the ball. You made a questionable decision to use your purchased wizard for a fireball on the line of scrimmage, stunning one player. The block against Skallabera pushed him behind your Fleshgolem Perry the Awaker who could not stop him from going deep. Two dodges and two gfis later he was waiting for the ball deep, Han Yolo threw the pass and it was cought turn 13 for the touchdown turn 14. Was the rush against only 4 players too strong?

JimSardonic: Well, anytime you take a block, you’re looking for that knockdown. And if it had come, that whole play couldn’t have happened. Even as it was, for a Norseman, dodging and dodging again isn’t the easiest path. It probably would have been better to keep Gloomfrog back, but the boys saw blood and there was no stopping them from getting after the ball carrier. As far as the wizard, I don’t think it was too bad. Half the time you’re going to be effective, and if you have a shot to take out three quarters of the remaining team – why not take it? Perhaps it would be better to direct him to bolt the niggled ball carrier — but like I say, my mind was on the recently departed players and I was looking to clear the Norse off the pitch entirely.

Kjell: After the 2:1 from the Solus Savors you had two turns left. Gloomfrog received the ball, brought it all the way behind the Line of Scrimmage and tried to hand it over to Al Gony who made his only mistake in the game by failing the catch twice. Was he exhausted after being the leader for the entire game?

JimSardonic: No, that one was on me. The smarter play was to move him into scoring range and make the handoff on turn sixteen. But I was still rage blinded and tried to force the issue. I think Gony was caught off guard by my unconventional play call, and it just threw everyone’s rhythm off.

Kjell: It’s a nice act of you to take the blame here. My last question is a look into the future. Your next game will be against Coach Preach and his Rodeo. The Chaosdwarfs of the Durango Roughriders are a different kind of their race and Preach plays them a bit different than usual. What do you expect from this game and how do you plan on replacing your two dead players?

JimSardonic: I expect a tough match. It always is against Preach, and the success of the Roughriders is no mistake. He’s combined a brilliant combination of showmanship with skill, and it truly is a fun-for-the-whole-family event when they take the field. That said, we can’t afford to spiral downward after a rough week one. There are six games left this season, and unfortunately for the Rodeo, our climb out of relegation starts with them!

Kjell: Thank you Coach for your words and good luck for your next games. We will see you on the pitch and watch the future of Agony closely.

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