Post-Game Interview S17W1 ATX Longthorns vs SRO

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kjell and I am the new reporter for the MML. My duties are pre- and postgame interviews, collecting data and statistics and to make summaries of matches. Today I had the chance to speak with Coach Rez from the team Stop Rolling Ones!!! after his game against the ATX Longthorns and their Coach dmdouble. Sadly, Coach dmdouble was not ready to give a statement, so this will be the first interview with just one side. But it still was quite interesting.

Kjell: Welcome dear readers to the post game interview from the match ATX Longthorns vs Stop Rolling Ones!!!. My guest at this time is Coach Rez from the Woodelf team SRO. Welcome Coach, it’s nice to have you. 3:3 in this battle of Elves. The expected high score in such a game?

Rez: Well Kjell you never know how these games are going to end up. A lot of times these elf-offs can be a low scoring game, since we don’t often get other teams the same strength to hit!

Kjell: Well, after the first half it sure did not look like we will get many touchdowns. It was a slow first half with a lack of speed. Why was it so hard for your team to start playing their game in this game?

Rez: Well Kjell I’ll admit i didn’t set us up as well as I could have in the first half. We’ve played against the Longthorns enough times to know how aggressive they are on defense and walked into the trap anyway! I still think we could have recovered the ball and our drive though if not for one glaring problem… THORNE! Someone test that delf for PEDs, it’s obscene!

Kjell: As you mentioned the trap as you call it, came into play in turn 3 when Yvil Kneivel managed to dodge through and blitz Greased Up Deaf Guy. The legend was able to take the push but Kneivel stripped the ball of him. After failed attempts of both sides to pick up the ball it was Yvil Kneivel himself to pick up the ball, leap over your players around it and taking the ball all the way in your half and after some more interruption the Darkelves managed to score the Touchdown for the halftime score of 1:0. What were your thoughts in the halftime and what did you tell your team?

Rez: In our minds the score wasn’t 1-0 though Kjell, it was much worse than that. We take pride in playing a certain style of blood bowl, and we were being shown up at our own game! I told the team there was no point in even showing up for the 2nd half unless they were ready to start making some truly flashy plays, elf fans are fickle and we need all we can get!

Kjell: Your words did not directly bring a reaction out of your team. One player particular had a really bad day. Buttons, your Treeman rooting in turn 1 and turn 9. He was no real factor in the entire game. Was it much of a problem to not have your tree for almost the entire game?

Rez: Well Buttons is well known for just wanting someone to read him a story, and he knows elves won’t stick around often to do it. The poor treeman was just waiting for his time to shine on the one turn touchdown attempts. He didn’t root on either 1ttd attempt which was huge because we use him to fill the gap from the lineman he rips onto our side of the LoS!

Kjell: To the first of this two one turn touchdowns we will come now. Turn 12, the Witch Veronica Pillman was showing of her skills once more, passing the ball to Evil Kneivel who scored the 2:0. In return the first of your two one turners took place. F*** It handing of the ball to Elvan Slyeye after a high kick, then passing to Greased Up Deaf Guy for the 2:1. Natural Odors managed to steal the ball from the Darkelves in turn 14 and made the 2:2 equalizer. Turn 16 topped it all off when Witch Veronica Pillman made her third pass, again finding Yvil Kneivel who made a leap for the 3:2. And you made the answer to a 3:3 with another oneturner. How important is it to have Greased Up Deaf Guy, who scored both oneturners and is it your call to give him the ball because of his experience?

Rez: Well Deaf Guy has been around for 113 games, he’s seen and done pretty much everything, so we trust his experience in that situation. On a more strategic tone, he has extremely sure feet which make us more willing to have him do the sprinting required at the end.

Kjell: What Deaf Guy is to you certainly were Veronica Pillman and Yvil Kneivel to the Longthorns. Why was your team not able to find a recipe against the combination of Pillmans passes and Kneivels agility?

Rez: We did try a couple of different approaches Kjell, but in the end i really think we just lacked the tools required to stop them. The sad truth is that we don’t get to play such games often and building our team to stop those kinds of passing threats isn’t part of our usual playbook

Kjell: So, in the end would you say you fend off a loss or did you miss a victory in this game?

Rez: SRO has played a lot of games, and we don’t focus so much on single wins or losses anymore. We’re happy to get a point in the standings, and come away 100% healthy and those are the things we’re really worried about at the end of the day Kjell.

Kjell: My last question is, as always, a look into the future. You will play the Bugman’s Bellringers from Coach Umphreysmagoo. What do you expect from that game? It certainly will be a different styled game than this one against Darkelves.

Rez: Well the thing about the Bellringers is this… They have a “Grudge” against… AND IT’S A FAKE ONE!! The source of this grudge? We killed an elf! What kind of dorf team gets angry over a dead elf?!

Kjell: That sounds like an old rivalry getting another story written to it. We will watch the game closely and take a deep look into this rivalry. Thanks for your words and good luck in your future tasks.

Rez: Thank you Kjell, and well wishes for your future articles!

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