Post-Game Interview S17W1 Big hearts small….. vs Violent Suns

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kjell and I am the new reporter for the MML. My duties are pre- and postgame interviews, collecting data and statistics and to make summaries of matches. In this interview I had the chance to speak to the Coaches KoticCookie and Brofessor after their game against each other. First, I spoke to KoticCookie.

Kjell: Welcome dear readers to another post game interview. This time I’m speaking to KoticCookie, Coach of the Big hearts small….. Ogre team. Welcome Coach and it’s nice to have you. The first question I have for you, after this 2:4 loss against the Violent Suns High Elf team from Coach Brofessor, is did you expect such a high score game even tho you were playing against elves?

KoticCookie: High scoring indeed we scored two, yep two TD in the same match. Oh yeah elves were passing for fun, but we did stop what almost certainly would have been a fifth.

Kjell: That is very true. From your reaction I assume to score more than one Touchdown in a game is something special for your Ogres?

KoticCookie: Yes indeed, very special. We happy just to get on the score sheet.

Kjell: Let’s dig a bit deeper inside the game, shall we? The elves had an easy start going out of the first half with a 0:2 lead. Their passing game was on point while your Ogres did not have their smartest day. Were you surprised how easy the elves pushed around your Ogres sometimes?

KoticCookie: Let’s just say the ogres got of to a slow start. I mean coming off the season break they were just confused by all the sound. Losing Rught so earlier on was a distraction. He is okay was very close but doc sitting him out next match. Elves were just flying around us and punished mistake so easily.

Kjell: That’s what elves do. But there is a big, bright side in all of this. If you just look at the second half, you made it a 2:2 draw against them. Ogre Berott Mighty threw Moretar Mushroom in turn 11 and Krashnak Throat-Cutter threw Think of the Children turn 15 to touchdowns in turn 11 and turn 16. A common Ogre tactic the elves seem to have no answer to. You tried this once in the first half as well, but Moretar failed the landing. Is this a standard tactic out of your playbook or did you see a weakness in the elven defense?

KoticCookie: The ogres were on fine throwing form 100% success rate. It also gets us out if trouble and when works we love it. However landings need works 40% is just not high enough. If we can throw we will, but we don’t want to term into 1 play pony team. We are so much more then that. The final few plays hopefully shows we keep going to the end.

Kjell: It sure did. As you mentioned before Rught Arm-Dislocator will miss the next game due to an injury. Are three Ogres enough for your next game against Coach Shakeydog and his Underground Souls Underworld team?

KoticCookie: Oh, we have two ogres coming back from a enforced longer break so up to 5. Mushroom also pocked his eye and can’t see out it so will be sitting out this one. Underground Souls we have met before we started last season in a ‘friendly’ and suffered a last minute loss so the boys are up for it.

Kjell: Of course, you are right. I forgot about the players coming back. Last question, what is the goal for you and your team this season?

KoticCookie: If we can get a drew (just one) great. If we get a win that would be amazing. Here to have fun and learn, but also prove that ogres can play sports too.

Kjell: Thank you Coach for your words and I wish you the best of luck on your mission to lead your Ogres to victory.


After this very interesting words I spoke to Coach Brofessor. He had to say the following.

Kjell: Welcome dear readers to another post game interview. My guest at this time is Brofessor, who just won with his team Violent Suns against the Ogres of Big hearts small….. . Welcome Coach, it’s nice to have you. The first question will be the same question I asked Coach KoticCookie. Did you expect such a high score game, even tho your team being Elves?

Brofessor: Thanks for having me Kjell. I thought it would be a shootout but didnt expect to put 4 up on the board. It seemed we were unable to slow each other down enough, I will be having words with my defensive coordinator for sure. The fans come to see big plays and violence and on that front I think this was a hell of a game for both.

Kjell: For the fans it was spectacular game for sure. But I also understand why you want to talk to your defensive coordinator. Two scores against a team that most of the times struggles to put even one score on the board is not good. The two scores for the Ogres came in turn 11 and turn 16 when both of the times a Gnoblar was lobbed just a few yards before the endzone by an Ogre. A common Ogre tactic I want to add. Did your team maybe think it won’t work today, because the Ogres failed the attempt once in the first half?

Brofessor: We didn’t respect their passing game, if you can call it a passing game, and got caught deep. Those little green gits are hard to get a hold of. I wouldn’t call it proper bloodbowl, real passers throw TO a catcher, not the catcher himself. But yeah back to your point, we got caught sleeping and were sloppy.

Kjell: Like I said, it was more beautiful for the spectators than it was for you. But there was much positive stuff in the game as well. For once your team managed to put Rught Arm-Dislocator, one of the Ogres itself, out of the game in turn 2. Was it a strategy to get rid of an Ogre early?

Brofessor: It came as a suprise to be honest, my guy must of been training hard. We were aiming to stamp the little green guys into dust and leave those drooling ogres alone. No one wants to tangle with them toe to toe. I believe it really swayed the game, a decisive moment so early too.

Kjell: And it clearly changed your tactics as well, because over the game your elves ganged up on the Ogres a few times. Let’s talk a bit about your offense. The first Touchdown came turn 2 after a pass from Arcturus to Altair. The rest of the first half was a bit of a sleeper and many fails happened. But in turn 8 it was Centauri who grabbed the ball from the ground and scored the 0:2 for your team. How important was it to have a comfortable 2 score lead instead of just one at half time?

Brofessor: It allowed us to focus on inflicting a bit more damage and hopefully grind them down a bit further. That 2nd TD was ugly for sure but it let ua relax a bit in the second half which in hindsight probably led to thier TD.

Kjell: The second half was dominated by two players: Draconis and Arcturus. The combination of Draconis throwing and Arcturus catching the ball secured you the 0:3 and 1:4 lead in turn 11 and turn 13. After that the game was back to the fail festival again with the 2:4 in turn 16. Non at the less, Arcturus was clearly the man of the match here with one touchdown pass and two catches, wasn’t he?

Brofesor: He certainly was. In his first ever CL game too, quite the entrance. He is just getting started and cleary becoming the focal point of our passing game. Lets not forget the perfect spirals from Draconis either. If there’s one man who lives by the motto “F*** it I’m going deep” it’s him.

Kjell: It certainly was nice to watch them acting when the Elven play was on a high. My last question is, as always, a look in the future. Your next opponent will be a veteran team with a veteran Coach. Discodavo and his Human team of Los Pumas. What do you expect from this game and do you think it will be tougher or easier to play against a more fast paced team almost equal to elven speed?

Brofessor: I think its one tough matchup for sure, luckily their ogre is injured but I still see them out bashing us easily. Though the went 0-7 last season and have started with a loss this season they’re still dangerous and we will treat them as such. I see them as a tougher challenge for sure as they mirror our skill set however we have a few gameplans to put into action. Luckily they can’t throw team mates!

Kjell: That is very true. We will watch this game with high expectations for your gameplans and see you on the pitch. Thank you for your words and good luck with all your future tasks.

Brofessor: Thanks Kjell, always a pleasure sir.

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