Post-Game Interview S17W1 Cardelf Devils vs Verrezo Vulcans

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kjell and I am the new reporter for the MML. My duties are pre- and postgame interviews, collecting data and statistics and to make summaries of matches. In this interview I had the chance to speak to the Coaches Hawca and Marius Von Gluck (Hornet). Hawca was the one who stepped up to the mics first and he had a quite arrogant view of the game to say at least.

Kjell: Welcome dear readers to this post game interview. My guest at this time is Hawca, Coach of the Cardelf Devils. Welcome Coach, it’s nice to have you. Your game against the Humans of Verrezo Vulcans was a game with a lot of fine tactical elements. The end score was 1:1, but usually in a game between two of the faster races you expect a high score game. Was it a surprise for you that we saw only two touchdowns in total?

Hawca: I’ve done my research and I’ve heard the rumors, Hornet is a cood coach and he has his team playing well. was I surprised at just 2 Touchdowns? I think it’s safe to say Hornet was luck there was only two touchdowns. you saw it the World say it, a Dropped catch to level at half time. I maintain foul tactics and had the ball washed off at the Half.

Kjell: Luck maybe was one thing. We saw massive defensive shifting from both teams whenever the opponent had the ball. The offensive lines seemed to react to the shifts rather than dictating the pace. Therefore, the game wasn’t as fast as you expect it. Was that another reason both teams were not up to their full potential score wise?

Hawca: I think you don’t understand the Druchii way of Blood bowl…. It was my intention to dictate on the defense, waiting patiently for an oppotunity or gap, waiting for that time to strike. force that error, It wasn’t coming so I forced the early score. This gave opportunity to equalize but for Dirty foul tactics. On my offensive drive again, I felt that It was my team that controlled the pace, I had split two of his team away nullifying his defense as my team move towards the center giving many options, it was here that the Humans panicked and rushed leaving the opportunity to score wide open.

Kjell: The forced score came at turn 7 with a hand off from Constanzo Granchelli to Nico Gallisimo, who was pushed back from The Master before and left wide open. For me a questionable call to not mark Gallisimo any further. In turn 8 there was the failed catch from Istnal after a pass attempt by Voth. Was Istnal not focused enough, because normally such a pass is an easy catch?

Hawca: Ok The Master has his name because that’s what he is, had he marked up this may have put of these humans from scoring, by leaving him open some might see it an opening and an error others will see as bait inviting the score. this then gave the score but also time on the clock. Let’s get one thing straight sir, have you ever been in the pressure cooker environment? You know what don’t answer that. My players are highly trained and the best at what they do, we answer to Morathi herself and there is no way he would have dropped the ball without foul play. Pig grease or maybe just the Blood split from human flesh, if it the latter then Khaine himself will be pleased.

Kjell: As you mentioned, The Master got his name for a reason. Doing fantastic work in defense and offensive positioning, injuring Ignazio Adduci in turn 1 and Titto Battista in turn 14 and knocking out Livio Aguzzi in turn 4. Would you say he was the MVP of the match or would you rather give that award to a different player? For example Riabbthel with the touchdown in turn 16 to equal the score or Voth with the last minute dump off pass to Riabbthel just before he was blocked, of course a common Darkelve strategy.

Hawca: MVP… this is a subject I feel is very human.. for me the team succeed together or fail together, The Masters exploits are only there because another made it happen, The Voth can only dump off drawing the tackle if someone is there to catch. a scorer is good but only because the team let him score… we are not like those Wood elf scum who make glory boys from one player Catcher or Wardancer, the team share the load equally.

Kjell: A way I like. The team is the star. My last question is a look into the future. You’ll play against CavalierArcher and his Wyrd Science Necromancer team next week. They still have to play this week, but it looks like they come in full strength. Would you give me and the readers your thoughts what we can expect from the game?

Hawca: Control, Pain, Blood, and violence. The God of Murder does not like the Undead and so we have a wrong to right.

Kjell: Thank you Coach for your words and best of luck in your future games. We will watch closely.

Hawca: Luck is not given it is by design.


After this… “nice” interview, I also had the chance to get some words from Marius von Gluck. He seemed not happy but also not too sad about the draw.

Kjell: Welcome dear readers to the next post game interview. My guest at this time is Coach Marius Von Gluck. Your team, the Verrezo Vulcans, just received a last turn equalizer for a 1:1 against Coach Hawca and his Cardelf Devils. Would you say the draw is a good outcome or was it more of a loss in the end, being in the lead for the entire game?

Marius: Them delves were coached good and my boys are still learning so a draw against one of the favorites is a good start for the season.

Kjell: The entire game was a bit chess like. Normally when two of the faster races, Humans and Darkelves in this case, play against each other the spectators expect a high score game. Tonight, only two touchdowns were scored. Was it a surprise for you that the defensive lines were this strong and fend off the offensive drives quite well?

Marius: No not a surprise we had the devil’s watched and built our strategy with that in mind. The boys worked hard in training and put the plan into effect we spoke about the need to be patient by also to keep the ball moving forward. Defensively we could’ve done better and we would’ve been more aggressive second half if we weren’t down on numbers.

Kjell: Speaking of being down on numbers, Ignazio Adduci will miss the next game due to an injury. It was forced by The Master, who was the heavy hitter in the rows of the Cardelf Devils. Not only did he force this injury, but he also injured Titto Battista (no long-term injury) and knocked out Livio Aguzzi. Was he too strong for your team to take on?

Marius: Pah lucky couple of hits , I had Arturo Scalluci on a leash for this game and he still injured two pointy ears one that the apo brought back from the dead.

Kjell: That is true, the Devils will miss Gedthel next game. About the death, it was a pile on after a block from Scalluci to Caddhil in turn 16. Was there a bit of frustration after the last second equalizer that came into play?

Marius: No frustration Scalluci is a violent thug that’s hard to control he killed two of our young recruits at the pre match meal but he did warn them he doesn’t like bloodwieser light

Kjell: He definitely was the answer from your team to The Master, that’s for sure. Now my last question will be for your future. Next week you will play the Beastie Boiz from Coach Overkill. They come in without one of their Chaos Warriors. But still they will have more strength on the pitch than your team. Are you afraid of getting outpunched or do you think you can stand up to your Chaos opponent?

Marius: The Beastie Boiz pack a punch and will pose a threat I expect a different type of game next week and we will have to find a way to deal with it.

Kjell: We expect that as well and will watch the game closely and looking forward to that game. Thank you coach for your words and good luck with your tasks in the future.

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