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Something was wrong. But what? My mind was foggy and I couldn’t quite remember what I had been doing. Thoughts and consciousness were hard to keep hold of. But I was also feeling at peace. Blissful weightlessness from the world.

Some memories started to float into view of what had come to pass…Da-Runt ranting at me, the team, the apothecary, Coppa-Feel, all of us feeling the wrath of failing to win the Challenge League….Neck Wringer and Chitter Chatter arguing and fighting at the end of the season…having to sell Neck Winger to remove the tension from the team…the revelation that Kevin HAART had apparently been stalking and sabotaging the team as punishment for me turning my back on him….Kevin being shown to the awaiting press gathered as the new signing for the start of the season….the block heard round the world, the death of Kevin in his 2nd game….the team dejected from another defeat…sitting in the apothecary’s room surrounded by the team lying unconcious or screaming in agony….Where had it all gone wrong? I couldn’t quite focus my thoughts, but trying to remember stopped me from going to sleep. I was feeling really tired. I could do with a good sleep. Something wouldn’t let me though.

I was dragged coughing and spluttering back into the light. A large troll was holding me upside down by my ankle, dangling over the lake which was adjacent to the training fields. “Fancy another dip eh? You have 1 game to save ya skin afta this shambles. Da Boss ain’t ‘appy and he wants to see some fight from dem rats.This is ya last chance.”  The troll threw me back into the lake.

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