Pumpkin’s Post Season Pondering

It had been a bruising season and it still wasn’t over. The Pumpkin Kings had earned an immediate return to the Pro’s last season after a few seasons away, but this time had returned in the Western Conferences.

Games had been brutal, although the King’s had usually given as good as they got, and a subsequent Pro season had almost been secured as Coach DwarfGiant had tried to rebuild the ageing roster.

Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to build Black Orcs like they used to anymore. Several had been killed, or suffered career threatening injuries (and then mysteriously disappeared).

DwarfGiant had identified potential targets for transfer and pre season but that brought with it it’s own problems – his larder was already filled with Black Orc meat. DwarfGiant would have to some to eat it all before it turned or before the other players found out his eating habits.

The recent press conferences had focused on player recruitment and next seasons goals. DwarfGiant had batted the questions aside ‘We need to be hungry! And to do that we have to stay alive’. ‘A bowl game would be a target for next season – and I don’t want players ending up as a meal for anyone!’ (especially for himself he thought – his cholesterol was through the roof having gorged on fatty Black Orc flesh all season).

But first DwarfGiant had to get through their final season game against the infamous Plague Ridden Cowboys. After that, things would be clearer. For better or worse.


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