Putridi eager to play!

An unmistakable shape with three arms and two heads reappeared in front of me a few days ago. “Trotigor, where have you been all this time?” I asked.

“Hi coach, the team was so enthusiastic after the second place at the Summer Camp. We were in the wastelands to thank the Lord of Putrefaction for the result, you know how these festivities go, right?… Then we heard that Season 15 is starting, so we asked ourselves: why not spread the disease and the contagion in the pitches? And so we’re back. ”

“Better late than never! Really there was also the Season 14” I pointed out to Trotigor “but you have lost it among drinks, burps and pestilences!”

“Sorry, coach, you’re right, but the team is young and still has a lot to learn,” said Trotigor.

And how could I refuse Trotigor’s proposal? I found my team and we are ready again: our smell precedes us!

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