Queekwell Rugrats digging for gold

A rowdy bunch of rats have entered the Mead & Mayhem Challenge League. They are no doubt a bunch of amateurs with a lot of heart by few skills. Coach Jokk_Block has taken on himself to guide this Skaven team to glory in one way or the other. They all have dayjobs (though they work nights) i the Queekwell gold mine. At least it´s called a gold mine but to be honest many years have passed since any finer metals were found in the hole. On a few occations every month the miners play an amateur ball game of sorts in the tunnels of the mine. Now the owner of the mine Jochen MacScrooge have decided to sponsor a team for the CL. The fastest, meanest and most aggresive of the mine workers have been put together in this so called team, Queekwell Rugrats. MacScrooge beleives he can attract more workers to his mine if he is to create attention around the team. He has also heard rumors of hefty price money if the were to advance to the PRO-league. A major if that is. So beware of these dirty Skaven rats from the dark mine of Queekwell!

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