Rebirth of the Kru

Coach Caven sat in his office, contemplating the near future. Comparing it with the distant past. The nightmare that kept haunting him, repeating over and over in his mind was relentless.  Self imposed exile to a monastery was the only solution.  Three long years he had been away.  Three long years of torment, of dejection, of failure.  He had been on top of the mountain. The Wrecking Kru had won the MML Pro Championship, and had been major players in the two seasons since.  He had failed to reckon with the whims of Nuffle. He’d been arrogant, egotistical and, indeed, over confident.  The Wrecking Kru entered the playoffs against the Human team called Dream Wild. He found himself looking past them at his next opponent. He paid for that oversight, as did his team.  The Kru suffered a 2-0 defeat, but it wasn’t that close.  They suffered four injuries, including a permanent knee injury to their star thrower, Rotnail. Rotnail had amassed 3 MVP, 20 TD and 1 kill over several seasons, only to be knocked out of the game early.  The four star blitzers, the Dome Patrol, couldn’t get anything going.  In fact, Takru, arguably the best Orc blitzer ever, spent most of the game on the bench after being knocked out.  Gutrad, the extra strength, extra agile blitzer failed at every turn.  The Kru totaled 6 rushing yards and 4 passing yards that game. Immediately after, Caven resigned and headed into exile. The Kru, coachless, drifted into oblivion.

Now, three years later, a young Orc blitzer, Corvargh, son of Gutrad, had approached him in the monastery. It seems that all of the younglings from the Kru players were now old enough to play BloodBowl. They had formed a new team, Kru FC, and needed a coach. Takru had told him where to find Coach Caven. Corvargh explained that the MML had created a new league, Challenge League Reborn, where new teams would compete. The Kru FC wanted to participate, and hopefully repeat the glory of their fathers. Corvargh explained that the team, all offspring of the former Wrecking Kru, would only follow Caven. It seemed like such a large task. An impossible one. Yet, at the same time, a chance to exorcise the old demons. It was an admirable yearning, for the young to want to follow in their fathers footsteps. He would make it his duty to lead these young Orcs, and try to replicate the triumphs of their forbears. Yes, Caven would lead the Kru FC in the Reborn League. He would introduce a new line of Orcs into the league. It had been far too long since the Orc nation had experienced ultimate success. Now was the time. Now was the team!

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