Record Breaker

Leopold Von Scoope stumble as he ran across the field desperately trting to get an exclusive “Arturo , Arturo!” He closed in on his target Arturo Scalluci had just broken the MML record for most casualties in a single game and Leopold wanted to get a comment from the man fans hail as ‘Tilean Terror’ and opponents know as ‘The Butcher’.

Arturo turned to face the scrawny looking reporter and wiped some ogre guts draped over his shoulder spikes, Leopold was surprised by Arturo’s stature he was expecting a giant monstrosity of a man instead stood before him was a man of average size cerainly for a professional blood bowl player but what he lacked in size he made up for in menace his cold almost black eyes looked deep into Leopold’s being his face boar the scars of numerous battles “how does it feel to break the MML casualty record?” Arturo stared at the now very nervous reporter “the more I kill the more they pay me” and with that he strolled away down the players tunnel to the chants of the Verrezo faithful Ar-Tu-Ro Ar-Tu-Ro

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