Champions Cup – Dwarfageddon

A loud, lifeless thud echoed out as the Rat Ogres head flew straight off its shoulders and hit the ground. Circling arcs of death rained down on the rat kin one after another. They lay lifeless on the ground with the red ooze gaping from their wounds. “Is there no one else?” bellowed the Dwarf. His Great Axe dripping with the blood of its victims making a river on the floor where he stood. Only thing more fiery than his wanted bloodshed, was his bright ginger Beard! He surveyed the area, bodies of the rat kin lay all over the place. But still, like the time before and the time before that, he still could not find a rat good enough to end his suffering. It was months, but felt like only yesterday that he was part of the team that lost to the rats in the MML Pro final. It brought great shame to him and he left Dwarfageddon soon after. He had been on a quest to kill all Skaven until one of them could end his suffering, but alas that had yet to come. But Rage Fist Rand still suffered, still felt empty, it meant nothing that he already held one championship ring. He wanted redemption and time was running out.

It was at this very moment a shadow appeared behind him. Rand swung around with his axe grasped in both hands, “is that a way to treat an old friend?” chuckled Bernie. “How did you find me” Rand asked? “I just followed the trail of dead rats”. Rand shrugged and said “fair point, there is quite a lot of them!”, and broke out into a deep bellowed laugh.

We need your help Ran. MML have decided to hold a competition, a champions of champions, the best of the best will duke it out to see who is the Greatest Champion of them all. Some of the biggest franchises from the early days of the MML will be there, like the Blitzkreig, Magrita Misfits,Olympus Risen and many more.

Rand looked at Bernie, let out a deep sigh and said “I’m sorry my old friend I am done, Elves and chaos do not interest me, another championship ring doesn’t interest me, only death now”. “How about redemption Rand, would that bring you back?”

“There is nothing you can say my friend, to get me back on that pitch.” says Rand.

“The Welsh River Rats will be there.”  Rand looked at Bernie, gave him a wry smile, when do we start…


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