Regular-Season Single-Game Team Records (through S7)

No matter how high the bar keeps getting pushed every season, MML teams keep finding ways to blow standing records out of the water. S7 has featured many impressive new records. Those which have been tied or broken since the last posting are shown in green font below.

Record Stat Team Coach Against When
Highest Ball Possession Percentage 93% Wrecking kru Caven08 at Mauz S3 Wk6
Dream Wild triperis vs. Death Night Stalkers S7 Wk4
Hopeless Necromantics seriousjest at Snitchburg PieRats S7 Wk4
Highest Percentage Occupation of Own Half 62% Hopeless Necromantics seriousjest vs. Wrecking kru S7 Wk1
Karag Dron Krushers Midway_Monster01 at Black Marsh Monitors S7 Wk3
USA BallStars KonamiCode at Solus savers S7 Wk3
Karag Dron Krushers Midway_Monster01 vs. Solus savers S7 Wk7
Highest Percentage Occupation of Opponent’s Half 81% Gingerbread Boys jhall1107 at Disco Divas S6 W6
Most Passes 9 Fresh Princes MGiteau12 at Seathiel Treehawks S1 Wk3
Most Successful Interceptions 2 Witch’s Coven Gerdleah vs. The Blitzkriegers S6 Wk7
Harrelsons loulizcsc vs. White Owlz S7 Wk6
Most Blocks Succeeded 86 Norse Leap til Brooklyn bortbot18 at Repulsive Ratlings S5 Wk1
Most KOs Inflicted 12 Bill COWher Power Hour More_Shots at The Blitzkriegers S7 Wk6
Most Injuries Inflicted 8 Bill COWher Power Hour More_Shots vs. Walking Dead Reanimated S7 Wk7
Most Kills Inflicted 3 Da Orcs of Rome eddyeddy202 vs. Skuttle Butts S2 Wk6
New Orcland Grunts preach_mj at The Kentucky Bourbons S4 Wk4
Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Just Norsin’ Around S5 Wk5
Dignity Sestonn vs. Snitchburg PieRats S5 Wk6
Granite City Grimbeards Just_Stevie13 at Harrelsons S6 Wk4
Black Marsh Monitors BMFJiggs1981 at Mousillon Morningstars S7 Wk6
Most Yards Running 218 Los Pumas discodavo at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S5 Wk5
Most Yards Passing 122 Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3
Most TDs 6 Rodentia Ad Nauseam ntb_99 at Da Green Fist S4 Wk7
Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3
White Owlz The_Stu176 vs. The Blitzkriegers S5 Wk4
Rodentia Ad Nauseam ntb_99 at Los Pumas S7 Wk5
Most Armour Breaks 30 Bill COWher Power Hour More_Shots at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S6 Wk6
Most Players Expelled 4 Revang of the dwarfs royke033 at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S7 Wk2


  1. Errr. Why are the Blitzkriegers so easy to get a record against? I’ll have to think about that…

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