Reptile Heavyweights – An Epilogue

When Firion first landed on the coast of Lustria, he never intended to end up coaching Blood Bowl. Sure, he had seen a few games in the past back in the Empire, but he had no understanding of the intricacies of the game. However, once the cold blooded inhabitants of his new home discovered he knew of the game, he was appointed Head Coach of the Reptile Heavyweights.

During tryouts he was impressed by the speed of his new players, with the massive Saurus battling it out to allow the slippery Skinks to sprint through to score. Selecting the cream of the crop, they travelled the world playing friendly games in order to prepare to enter the prestigious MML.

Lizardmen had a proud history in the MML – The season 2 winners The Cold Hard Truth were legends in Lustria and more recently the Lord of the Skinks made to the Pro Final before being decimated by the juggernaut that is the Bill COWer Power Hour.

Their first match in the S15 CL was against a legendary team returning to the League – Plague Inc. The much more experienced side gave the Heavyweights a brutal lesson, and Firion witnessed first hand the downfall of Lizardmen teams everywhere – Claw! Luckily the additional cash provided by the league allowed Firion to hire some extra apos who were able to save the team from severe injuries.

Despite losing the first game, the team managed to recover and won all their remaining games that season to make it into the CL play offs in their first ever season. They made it past one Necro team, Claw and Score, before coming up against the Red Necs. Tyson the Krox would be missing for this game, but Firion still had some hope. This was quickly crushed by the two Werewolves running the show – ClawPOMBing his Saurus into the casualty box.

In the off season, Frazier was forced to retire after losing some of his strength. Berzo, coach of the Red Necs, turned from villain to hero and used his contacts from his previous stint coaching Dino Rock to help Firion bring in Leatherface, a veteran Saurus, to reinforce his pack ahead of their first season in the Pros.

The team finished top of SCC/WFC in S16 with only a loss to Evuccifers Dark Elves blemishing their record. In fact, the team ranked #1 in the entire Pro League. Hopes were high heading into play offs that the team could make a good run at the title. The draw was made and the Heavyweights faced the Legends of Spawn. The Underworld had two Claw players and bought Glart along as well…

The match ended in a loss for the Heavyweights, with the match ending with one Saurus left standing. It had been brutal – The new Skink Khan died after taking his first hit and even worse the Krox Tyson suffered as his armour was permanently damaged by the Claws of Spawn.

Firion let Tyson retire after the match back to Lustria and managed to lure Sauron from the Lord of the Skinks to join the team to add some much needed muscle to their ranks. Hopes were high going into S17 with this addition and the rest of the team being more experienced.

In the second match of the season, the Heavyweights came up again against the Red Necs. The match ended in a similar fashion, with the super Wolves again causing chaos. Even worse, a sly punch from Uncle Tom, a relative unsung Wight, caused Sauron to die on the pitch.

The team never recovered from that game for the rest of the season. Missing Saurus such as Cassius, Klitschko and Foreman in sequential games made it tough for the Heavyweights. The journeyman Skinks tried and failed to fill the gap left by their larger cousins. Despite this the Heavyweights still managed to come 4th with 4 wins and 2 draws. Duran also improved significantly making ball handling an issue of the past for the team.

Firion again cast the net far and wide for a new Kroxigor to join the team. They needed someone with a winning history who could help Leatherface inspire the team. Kro’lotha, the Kroxigor of the Cold Hard Truth, was persuaded to come out of retirement to have another go at winning the Pro Championship.

Firion knew going into S18 that this would be his last chance. He was leaving Lustria to travel more of the world during S19. He put his all into the season, managing to achieve a 7-0-0 season with some luck along the way (including a Saurus touchdown and failed GFI into the end zone in the final match).

First up were the Bad Intentions. The two bashy teams fought it out, but with the Orcs missing their star blitzers it was always going to be a struggle. Another failed GFI into the end zone saw the Heavyweights scrape through.

In the semis, the Heavyweights faced Plague Inc, in a reunion from S15 in the CL. The Heavyweights had continued to grow since then, unlike Plague who had suffered some unlucky injuries and were now the underdog going into the match. The Heavyweights managed to score two defensive touchdowns in the first half effectively ending the game.

However, the cost was high. Foreman took a massive hit and the Apo managed to save him from death but he would be unavailable for the next game. Next Kro’lotha was stomped on and ruled out of the final too, before Klitschko took another punch and was also ruled out.

Firion was down to 4 Saurus for the final. Even worse, he was facing a well developed Chaos team in the Magrita Misfits with an excellent coach Beerz at the helm. The team would be relying on the Skinks to take them to victory in this match.

The team emptied it’s treasury going into the match to try to even the odds, but Firion cracked under pressure and used the Wizard bought in far too early in an attempt to get some removals and an early advantage. The match was a struggle for the Lizards, after failing to score in their own drive however they managed to nick a TD after some immense play from Mayweather.

Unfortunately, the missing players began to show and methodically the Misfits began to remove Skinks and Saurus from the pitch. The Heavyweights tried their best but were unable to prevent the touchdown and overtime. The only hope they had was to win the toss and try to score ASAP, but the Chaos started with the ball and the Lizards just didn’t have enough players to stop the Chaos winning the match.

The team returned to Lustria dejected. Despite nearly pulling off a perfect season and making the post season every year, the Heavyweights never ended up winning a trophy. For now, the players will rest while Firion travels. Maybe when he returns he will have some new tricks to led the Heavyweights to glory… If he returns to Lustria at all.

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