Reptile Reinforcements

Coach Firion was sat in the Hexoatl Head pub after a long season. Whisky in hand, he began to swill the liquid around the glass and contemplate the season that had been.

The team had been inspired by the signing of Sauron, the Krox formerly of Lord of the Skinks, who had played in a Pro final a few seasons before. Everyone felt that he could elevate them to the next level, and things started promisingly with a 2-1 win vs the Vampires of Factor-50 United.

However, in the next match vs the Red Necs, the team could do nothing to stop the rampaging super Wolves, who clawed their way though the Saurus and Skinks on the way to their first defeat. This was also the game where a sly punch from Uncle Tom, a relative unsung Wight, caused Sauron to give up the ghost and die on the pitch.

Firion took the glass and gulped back the booze in one. The team never recovered from that game. Missing Saurus such as Cassius, Klitschko  and Foreman in sequential games made it tough for the Heavyweights. The journeyman Skinks tried and failed to fill the gap left by their larger cousins. Eventually the team was able to rehire the old Krox Tyson back out of retirement but the season was already over for the squad.

Firion refilled his tumbler. Some positives had come out of the campaign. Duran had improved his Agility and having a Skink who can reliably handle the ball would be a big advantage for the season to come. Leatherface had finally acquired Legendary status in his final game vs the Orcs of Da Yate Yobz. And Firion had spoken to a previous MML Pro League winner about a new Kroxigor…

A stranger walked into the bar. It had taken a bit of investigative work, but with the help of Hez Firion had managed to track down Sestonn, coach of Season 2 Pro Champions the Cold Hard Truth.

Firion offered him a drink and they sat down to discuss the transfer of Kro’lotha, the Krox with whom Sestonn had won the league and participated in the Sigmar War. Kro’lotha had been out of the game for a while, but Sestonn assured Firion that he was itching to get back on the pitch.

Hopefully this season will see the Heavyweights new Star Krox survive longer than Sauron!

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