Reunited… and it feels so good!

The door slammed shut on the rickety vehicle… Coach Thunden looked around into eyes he had last seen filled with the fire of vengeance for a murdered friend. He now saw those self same eyes filled with excitement and friendship… He could barely believe what he saw.


Robshank sat in the corner, still hulkingly massive but looking a little more care worn, Louise was obviously the one who had the truck leaning to one side, the first transgender Blorc now looking like she had had a little work done. Smiling next to her was Ripper, although he looked like he was nursing an injury and winced every time they cornered… as he looked into the 3 faces it was difficult not to remember the sad loss of Big Mo. Yes, he had frustrated Thunden immeasurably at times, but he was still one of them and he had been taken from them by Coach More Shots.

Louise looking hot.

Robshank spoke first, “Good to see ya boss. You finished farting round with those humies? Can we get ya back? We got some unfinished business which we need to tell ya about. Or I say we… but there’s something else ya need to know first.”


Coach Thunden looked around, still in shock at his initial kidnapping then reunion with his old crew. He noted sadly the absence of his erstwhile old lieutenant… “Tell me Robshank, how’s Gorbag doing? Is he happy in New Orcland?”


“Ask him yourself coach!”


The divide between cab and trailer slid open and beaming back into the rear of the truck was the New Orcland Grunts Blitzer, formerly of the parish of Green Tide… “Alright boss. Guess this is a fine time for comebacks!”

Coach Thunden never thought he’d feel this elated to see a greenskin! “Gorbag you old bounder!!!! How the hell…!?!?”


“Coach Preah gave me his blessing to return after Robshank visited him and explained the situation, I was sorry to leave those boys treated me good, but as soon as I knew I was off the hook for Mo’s murder the way back was open.” Shouted Gorbag as he narrowly made the next turn.


Robshank shunted forward to look Coach Thunden in the eyes, “Now we’re gonna have no more of those shenanigans you sometimes used to pull right? No weird media games or looking for other teams until we’ve done what we need to right?”


“What’s that…?”


“Well boss… there’s a team out there, not you, we wasn’t upset by you using it. BUT… there’s these manky little gits calling themselves da Taurawna Titans coached by some stunty called Momo! … Now… we can’t be having that can we boss? There’s gotta be a reckoning. We want our name back and you’re gonna help us get it. Not to mention the little chat we need to have with Coach More Shots. We should have left him ta rot in Orcatraz.” The anger in Robshanks voice was held at bay, like a glowering furnace… there was no doubting the truth of his words.


“Gorbag… let’s get to the Orc2… we got some work to do before Season 12. ORIGINAL TITANS!!!!!!!!” yelled a fired up human who hoped this wouldn’t end in the ignominy of a car crash… it probably would, but you know what? He didn’t much care, he was back with his boys and they were back with him.


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