Zazoo the head coach of the newly formed high elf Rangers had the following to say when asked what his team’s chances were in the rookie league:

We are as good as it gets when it comes to the passing game. The problem is the competition they are tough and a lot of them are going to almost ignore the ball in favour of hurting the opposition and a few early deaths could prevent us growing into a great team.

There are also a lot of great coaches that are going to make it difficult to progress to the top.

Zazoo was tight lipped when asked what he would be sacrificing to nuffle. I wonder how far he would be willing to go to skew nuffle in his favour.

When asked what his hopes were for the team progression: He said that he was hoping for speed, speed and skill wins games. Ohh and not getting the beep kicked out of you of course.

He also said that he can’t wait for the first kick off to see what his team can do and no matter the results his team would be there to stay.

So readers what do you think his team’s chances are?

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