RSU Hires Legendary Kislev Coach to Lead New Direction….

Coach: Ok, guys lets jump right into this I know you are all interested in the new changes the organization is working towards.

Reporter: Coach, what everyone is talking about is the new hire to the coaching staff Kislev Coach Dimitri Klazkov.  What made you go in such a different direction with the team?

Coach: So the MML has been cracking down on a certain type of team as late, we don’t want to be too associated with it as problems with the league is always an issue.  We hired Dimitri because with the addition of Inda last season we seen the benefit our team could gain with being more agile.  Dimitri is going to teach the boys to be able to dive at the opponents better to make tackles instead of just relying on brute force.

Reporter  And how are the guys in the locker room taking it?

Coach:  Well any time we try something new there is always a struggle but I feel they will come up to the task.

Reporter:  Following the same train of though, you picked up Ewan Bigtrouble this season to the team,  How do you plan on fitting him into the roster?

Coach:  He is a perfect fit for the new direction, he has been helping Dimitri demonstrate the diving tackle ability that we are trying to enforce at this time.  His tail mutation also allows for other types of positional tricks.

Reporter: What do you think your chances of winning this season are.

Coach:  Pretty good honestly.  We barely missed it last season so I think we can correct a few errors and push though this season.


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