RSU ties in 1-1 elf off. Mysterious donor discovered.

Coach, we heard that the source of the donated money to fund the passing program for RSU has been discovered can you speak on that?

So here is the deal,  our sources tracked the source of the money back to a hidden compound located in the forests of the old world.  The donor himself did not care to speak on the subject, but we did get some information from some of the members at the compound.

We met with Patricia Powerbomb a kind goblin and mother of Peter Powerbomb Quarterback of RSU who happened to be resident of the location.  She had this to say.

Peter has wanted to play in the Blood Bowl for some time, with the creation of the RSU team, we found this to be his chance to shine.  He has always wanted to be a Quarterback but none of the other teams would have him.

How does this relate to the windfall of money that was donated to RSU this season.

Peter’s father provided the money to help him and his teammates out with their passing skills.

*Peter looks visibly nervous on the other side of the room*

Where does a hobgoblin go about getting that large of a sum of money?

Oh no, hes not a hobgoblin, didn’t Peter mention?  He was probably embarrassed, his father comes from quite a bit of money, he doesn’t like to speak of it with him being shunned by the other High Elves.

Are you stating that Peters father is in fact a High Elf?

Oh my, he must have left that out.  He was afraid that if RSU found out that he would be disqualified for participation in the Blood Bowl.  Peters father has a thing for Greenskins, that is why this compound was created as a place where we could live without being judged by other High Elves, they look distastefully towards fraternizing with other races, let alone the likes of Greenskins.

So that would make Peter a Half Elf and not a Hobgoblin.  This could cause issue with the league as Half Elves are not authorized to play on a Chaos Dwarf team.  I am sure the league will want to look into this.

*Peter looks to the ground disappointed*

Oh yes, his father is very proud of all of his children, though they usually let people assume they are hobgoblins so they have a place to fit in.  They don’t go advertising it, other Greenskins are jealous of our wealth, and other Elves refuse to recognize us.  That is why our kids usually take our maiden last name.

What will the breaking of this news mean for RSU?  Will there be an investigation into the other “Hobgoblin” members of the team to make sure they are actually what they say they are?  We will keep you up to date on this topic as it unfolds…

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