Saying good bye to a friend

Beerz stepped to the balcony not knowing what to say to the people of a Magrita and to all the chaos nation that showed. He looked at Ullow who of all beastmen was was hurt and out raged. Beerz knew his people of Magrita need the hear from him. He walked up to Ullow and and whispered in his ear that you and only you can play on for him. Ullow nodded as Beerz walked toward the balcony. Beerz entered to opening to the balcony he stopped and looked back at his friends. Maks, Trish, Starclap, Hennessy and Remy took up the rear. A head of them was Frizner, sloukey and jofro (13) and the new guy Bobble head Fred. Standing at the door way was Ullow looking at his coach, friend, and brother Beerz. He looked at Beerz, “give him the send off he deserves!!!” Beerz walked to the entrance of the balcony paused for a moment as to catch his thoughts and walked out to the people of Magrita and the fellow chaos nation brothers that had come.


Welcome people of Magrita and my brothers of the Chaos Nation. Today is a sad day in are land. Yesterday we lost one of the best and closets friends to me. We took on a great foo on the pitch and one we have never seen before. I know after all the turmoil that has happened in are great bay city blood bowl has made us strong. As we do every week my brothers took the pitch with winning a pro title on there minds. We had never seen these “Khemri” foo before and still it did not shack us or make us weak in the knees. We went out there to win and to do want the Misfits do best and that’s to win and hurt and to show the Old World that us the great city of humans and chaos are united under on banner in the spirt of blood bowl and this great land we will be the best.

Well as all of you know we lost one of are greatest champions of are team. The one I’ve trusted through all the turmoil. The one who never questioned nor hesitated my or the great Myagi’s vision for what this team could do. We are here for the GREAT, STRONG, CROSSED EYED, UNKILLABLE MINOTAUR ……… PRIKTERG!!!!!

Beerz stoped for a second to gather himself and then looked back at his players. They were all looking at him in this time of sorrow. He took a deep breath and looked back at the crowed. Prikterg was on of the best Minotaurs to ever play this great game. He never backed down never stopped pushing forward. Was always there to help his brothers and me and if you got stuck in his tentacles not even the great chaos gods or nuffle could help you. Yes sometimes he got confused and ether yelled in the air at nothing or just stood there but he would always bounce back. After his bad injury due to that dirty deathroller I thought he was done. After a week he showed up at my tent poked his big head in and smiled. All he said was good coach and left as quickly as he came. He was a great player and a wonderful friend. He will be sorely missed and forever in the hearts of are team and myself. I’d like to say on this day that Prikterg will be the first player inducted in to are hall of champions!!

This week we play are rivals the hopeless necromantics. I know he was looking forward to this game after his performance last season. So I say to my team go out there and play hard, play strong and above all play for PRIKTERG!!!!!! Beerz turned and walk away from the balcony toward his players. Behind him the people of Magrita started to chant…….. Prikterg…….Prikterg…..Prikterg


  1. Bill sends his best wishes for you and your team in these difficult times. If you should need a Mino he will be here for you.

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