‘Scratch and Dent’ Cup – Charity Tournament!

Ever wondered what happens to the Blood Bowl players who, for instance, get stamped on by a large angry troll? Some obviously manage to come out relatively unscathed and may even continue playing. The MML boasts a number of Pro league players who are carrying injuries, sometime multiple injuries! Sadly, for many though, they suffer ‘career ending’ injuries and are left to make a living, as best they can! – Now though some are back and ready to play in the MML Scratch and Dent Cup!


The MML Scratch and Dent Cup will be a regeneration, knockout tournament, with custom made teams. (The players in ‘Scratch and Dent’ may have been through the mill, but you can’t keep them down forever.)


Team Composition

  • All standard races are eligible. (Not Mixed Race.)
  • Teams can be custom built to a total team value of 1500, as a base.
  • Teams can be built to less than this total team value, if desired.
  • ALL players on any team must have a niggling injury.
  • Teams are limited to only one of each stat ups. (Strength, agility, movement and armour.) (Any single player may not have more than one stat up.) It is also not compulsory to take any stat ups at all.
  • There is no limit on skills or double skills, (except tv limitations, of course.) (Yes, we know this will be crazy, but it’s a fun competition, let’s roll with it!)
  • Teams may ‘buy’ additional tv as below and this additional tv may take them over the 1500 limit.

What? It was worse than the apo thought?

Teams may ‘buy’ additional tv by applying additional injuries to players. (Only one additional injury per player.)

  • Minus strength will buy an additional 50 tv
  • Minus agility will buy an additional 40 tv
  • Minus armour or movement will buy an additional 30tv.
  • Minus strength or agility injuries may only be applied to players who would ordinarily start with at least 3 in that stat.


All standard inducements may be taken with the exception of star players, for all teams except stunty teams. (If a coach wishes to play halflings, ogres or goblins then they may induce star players, as well as having access to all other inducements, as standard.)

Stadium and Enhancements?

You think these guys can afford more than the basics? Their armour is still probably chipped from their last injury. As a consequence the teams cannot, sadly, afford to play in any stadium other than basic level 1.

How do I join?

The competition size will be based on interest. (But is limited due to knockout competition limitations.) To register an interest please send a DM to Josiah_Frost on discord. (Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.)


First prize will be a $20 PSN voucher. Second prize will be a $10 PSN voucher.



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