Season 19 let down

Party, cheering and celebration, the memories were still so fresh. Season 18 was the best the team ever had… and now? What was left after season 19? Coach Zidjey looked around in the looker room. Disappointed Orcs sitting on the floor or the wooden benches. Even the loudest and meanest of them were quiet. Usually when they were disappointed, they fought… or shouted. But today it was all quiet.


How was this possible? The team was a hollowed shell of what it was in the CL. The first game in the Pros wasn’t that bad. The Brecher lost to the Infinite Darkness 2:4, but the match was good. The Orcs played strong but not good enough to get a win. But the following matches just got worse. Against Dio’s Midgets the Brecher lost again. Later the Orcs found out the little dwarfs cheated and rubbed themselves with a liquid made from herbs. It was so horrible for their noses they just had to push the dwarfs away not even thinking about hitting them properly. It was an easy task for the dwarfs to score twice and beat the Orcs with that strategy.


Against Golden Discipline and The Order of the Holy Squirrel the Orcs had really bad games. Maybe it was the disappointment from the games before or it was the pressure of no win at all that got the Orcs. It did not help that the opponents played really well. A 0:1 against Golden Discipline and a 3:1 loss against The Order were the results.


Week 5 had the Orc battle against Da Yate Yobz. Playing Orcs seemed to help the Brecher a lot. They brought up a good game but, in the end, losing 2:1. However, the team was on an up again, right before the game against the three-time Champion Ubersreik Flamers. The game expected to be the worst of the season and giving the Orcs a big score beating was the best game of the season for the Brecher. They lost 2:3, but gave the Rats a tough fight and reduced them quite a bit.


Before the last game of the season it was clear the Orcs would go back to the CL. And you felt the anger and disappointment during the entire game. The Orcs cracked many Goblins and a Rat, but lost 1:4 to the Underground Souls. It seemed like they didn’t even care about the ball or the game and just want to let out their frustration. And now… back in the locker… there was only silence.


“We worked hard. We worked a lot. And what for? Being laughed about. Being the worst team. Going back to the CL after just one season.” Zidjey mumbled to himself. He smashed the door shut he was still standing in and all the Orcs looked at him. “How can you be so quiet?” he shouted in disbelieve. The Orcs looked back down. Zidjey wasn’t able to tell if it was because of shame or still just disappointment. “We had the best season, now we had the worst. Next season we are going back to the CL. And I don’t take it! I want to go back and prove what we are able to! We showed nothing. We weren’t Orc. We were quiet gray mice. Even the Rats were louder than us!”

The next thing Zidjey noticed was some slobber dripping on his shoulder. When he looked up, he saw Sli-Go, the big Troll standing behind him. Drooling, as always. “Sli-Go… hungry”, said the Troll in a deep voice. Taz stood up, looking at Sli-Go and said “Sli-Go always hungry. Eat Grazog!” The little Goblin looked up and seemed to be afraid, but Sli-Go wasn’t in the mood to hunt the little Goblin. “Sli-Go hungry… win! Feed Sli-Go!” The Troll let loose a massive shout and just smashed the door, which just flew out of the room. “I am hungry for wins too. But what I am more hungry about is to be Orc again! I am sick and tired of being kind. It’s finally time to Orc again. We will rampage through the CL and go back to the Pro-League. And the next time we go to the Pros, we show what being Orc is all about!”

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