Season 6 Week 2 Death Report

Here is the list of players that died on the playing fields of in the second week of the regular .

WEEK 2 (12 Dead…ish)

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222013

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222211

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222513

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222540

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222900

Blood Bowl 2_20161205222936

Blood Bowl 2_20161205223331

Blood Bowl 2_20161205223427

Blood Bowl 2_20161205223755

Blood Bowl 2_20161205223900

Blood Bowl 2_20161205224226

Blood Bowl 2_20161205224621


My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the , Challenge, and . We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet and achieve fame and glory in the .

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya,

P.S. Reports are saying Vixen has been killed again and will not return.  Also 2 more zombies have showed up.


  1. I killed Vixen; if I can’t keep a witch in good shape, I won’t let necros do, even with a former one lol

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