Season 7 CL Team Records

Hey Guys

Season 7 has come to a close and the playoffs are underway. Season 6 saw a lot of high records being achieved and I thought it would be a quiet outcome for the team records. Congratulations to the below teams and their coaches who managed to break the previous seasons records. There have been quite a few instances where a record has been matched but that unfortunately is not good enough to get a mention.


And without further ado here are your CL sparkly stats provided to you by the ever helpful Fnords.



  1. Wonderful work, Dion, and awesome graphics, as always, Fnords! I’m putting this out there into our general population. Is anyone willing to help Dion in collecting S5 stats so the CL’s records can be even more complete? If so, reach out to Dion and me, and we can advise you on how to do that. It takes some work, but it’s not overwhelming.

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