Season 9 Hall of Fame Inductee Announced!

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So here it is coaches of the MML, the season 9 inductee to the MML Hall of fame and, indeed, first ever inductee is none other than our commissioner, himself; Preach!

At the end of the second round of voting, Preach was able to secure 56% of the votes cast, heralding him as the deserved victor and walking up the red carpet to his place as the first ever Hall of Fame member of the MML!

As a Hall of Famer Preach will now be entitled to the following benefits:


  • Entitlements:
    1. MML Hall of Fame coaches are entitled to a 100 bTV allotment.
      1. The 100 bTV allotment is a bTV pool not a permanent allowance.
      2. HoF coaches may choose to utilize any amount of the allotted 100 bTV at anytime, but must do so in increments of 10 bTV. Example; a coach may utilize 10 bTV each season until the 100 bTV is used up, or they may choose to use all 100 bTV in a single season, or any combination thereof; each time subtracting the used portion from the pool, until the pool is expended.
    2. MML Hall of Fame coaches receive special billing on their team and coach page.
    3. Official MML Hall of Famer T-Shirt.

Let’s all take this moment to congratulate Preach and once again celebrate the fact that we have our first ever Hall of Fame member!



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