Sinister 7 Hit Corrupt Commissioners Bacon Vault

Mass shortage of Bacon in the MML world was blamed by Sinister 7 on The corrupt Commissioner who had raised the taxes to an unrealistic fee very few could pay them. Nicknamed the Bacon Tax as if you couldn’t pay the crazy fee he would take all the Bacon you had off you instead.
A lot of families are waking up every morning with no bacon for there breakfast while the Commissioner has tons of it stashed away in his many vaults. This is a hideous crime what has brought great suffering to the MML world. Well we are glad to inform the great people of the MML that we are going around and giving out bacon parcels so once again you can wake up and have bacon in the morning.

The Sinister 7 used cunning disguises to get past the Commissioners security and bring back the bounty for the people, who had been starved of bacon for a very long time. Another one of the Corrupt Commissioners many ways to rule the people to his will, have been thwarted by the brave and selfless acts of the Sinister Seven.

One Skaven family who didn’t want to be named said bless the seven now with this bacon parcel we don’t have to eat anymore of our kids for a very long time.  So there you have it saving lives and stopping hunger the Sinister 7 truly are on a crusade for the people against the Corrupt Commissioner.

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