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They sat there, silent, sulking. Decapitator was dejected. They haven’t seen or heard any news since their coaches disappearance. C.A.T.S. was initially the main suspects. But they are just as nonexistent. The Skuttle Butts have tried to stay in playing shape. Still Coachless it is hard to find the motivation to practice. The ownership has backed a new team in the Challenge League, known as the Plague Blights. They are definitely a quicker team, but in no way compare with the strength of the Skuttle Butts. That’s all due the Strength Coach that was hired in season 3. Sylvester Rattone has been the one keeping this team together. But the Skuttles are growing restless. They want Blood. They want Competition. Most of all they want their coach back.

As another lazy, sloppy, mistake filled practice takes place. The strength coach is losing control of the team. He has tried everything. Starvation, beatings, you name it he has tried.

Going through tackling drills both Eviscerator and Cheese Grater fail to bring down the rookie Gutter Runner Lurkin’. From the tunnel loud shout rings out. Snouts rise. Ears perk up. Whiskers twitch. Could it be? A shadowy figure emerges from the tunnel. Squeaks, roars and shouts pour out of the Skuttle players Maws! Sylvester Rattone can’t believe it. Is he back?

The figure stops, pulls down his hood. It’s him! It’s Coach Spawn! HE IS BACK! “Alright Butts, Let’s get to work. We have be idle long enough. Time to show the MML what a real skaven team can do.”





  1. Excellent! I would love a rematch with them. It was a very tough game for the Kru, much respect to the rats!

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph: Ugh! Going to have to make my wall bigger…with moats..and REALLY big rat-traps #reminds me of my Mordheim days 😤

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