Slippery Balls lead to Poor outing for RSU. Mysterious funding still under investigation.

Coach walks in and is immediately questioned by reporters.

“Coach, so what happened out there vs Detroit is Gotham?”

Well we though we were going to have a pretty solid game vs these guys but our Quarterback did not come to play.  He is saying the poor play was due to slippery balls.  We have not tested the validity of these claims but we trust our players.  Next week should be better.

“There is a lot of talk around this mysterious benefactor who is funding RSU at the moment, do you care to comment?”

There isn’t too much to comment on, the funding has been anonymous, though we have hired investigators to track it down.  So far all we know is that it is coming from a forested area of the Old World.  We are hoping to get some more information on the in the following weeks.

“How do you expect to do vs the Punchers this coming week, your last meeting with them did not go so well.”

In the off season we let Michael McMng go,  he just wasn’t able to take the hits like we need for a blocker on RSU.  We have since hired a replacement that we think will fit the role of the team better.  We also were working hard on our guarding techniques at the end of last season and hope to see that work pay off.  We are also expecting to see Grashnak Blackhoof who we were not ready for last time.  We will definitely be game planning for him in the days leading up to the match.

That’s all the time we have today we need to get back to work to be ready for next week.


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