Snake in the Grass

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Another early morning at the office, another day as a blood bowl coach, 4 long seasons as coach of the Lord of the Skinks and finally he had something to show for it. It may not be the playoffs, but it certainly beats sitting back and watching another post season go by without participating, and an extra bit of cash and exposure for the team is never a bad thing.
Coach Lazertrip had been staring out of the window down onto the pitch for what seemed like hours, he hadn’t even noticed the players who had already started their training, they knew they had made the bowl game, but which bowl and who would their opponent be.
A knock at the door to his office snapped him abruptly from his deep thought, but it took him some time to find the words, he cleared his throat “yes come in” he said softly, he couldn’t hear any movement, “Come in!” this time shouting. The door creaked open slowly and a skink popped it’s head around the corner, but not one he recognised, “And you are?” He said quickly while examining the small figure in front of him, “forgive me sir, but I have your mail”. This skink was female, he hadn’t seen many female skinks despite his extensive time with the lizardmen, “ah yes please come in, just leave it on the desk there”, he could see plenty of fan mail for the players as usual, envelopes with hearts drawn onto them and other such drawings, but the football that the skink placed on the desk caught his eye, “what’s that supposed to be?” “it’s a special delivery from Ingen site B” she replied, it’s that damn Wyatt gloating about his victory again he thought, they had been close once, before he joined Lizard Gambling that is. He examined all the envelopes and put most of them in a sack labelled *fan mail* before turning his attention to the ball, it looked ordinary enough but he could see something rolled up inside it, he managed to pull out a rolled up piece of paper, the writing on it was hard to read as if it had been written by a child, a child using the opposite hand that they usually write with. He chuckled to himself “Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt, can’t keep your players happy I see, I always said 6 saurus was the way forward, now I might get a chance to poach your strongest saurus”. “he still beat you though didn’t he” said the skink from behind the desk, who Lazertrip forgot was here. He stated at her for a second before letting out a hearty laugh “hahaha I guess you’re right there, who handed you this ball back at site B?” He asked, “it came from Snake himself” she replied.
He could add him to the very small list of potential transfers this season, a legend of a team long retired would be a great player, but he also had the new team Cap to consider and Snakes wages were certainly extortionate. “thank you that will be all ummm” he fished for a name, “Gwen” she said, And handed him 1 more letter before bowing her head and turning to leave, “I’m sure we will meet again, And be careful in your next game” he looked up from the new letter “what’s that supposed to mean?” But she had already left.

The envelope had the official MML stamp on it, but it was the other stamp that bothered him, the Goblin Gambling logo was never a good sign, he flipped the envelope and ripped it open, as his eyes moved across the letters taking in every word he rubbed his palm across his forehead. He dropped the letter and slumped into his dusty chair, Mousillion Morningstars, he wasn’t particularly worried about his opponents, he knew that they would be a tough game as seasoned veterans of the MML, but his team was up to the task of giving them a game to remember, but it was for the Goblin Gambling Bowl, did he even want to win it? He wondered if Wyatt and Lizard gambling had anything to don with this, only time will tell, until then it was time to get the players ready, without Lounge the team once again relied on Pippin to bring home the win, he always had faith in the little guy, he had been with him from day 1 after all, but the little skink seemed very distracted lately, I’m sure it’s nothing he decided, he grabbed the *fan mail* sack and headed to the pitch.

To be continued…….

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