Something is rising in the Jungle

On his vacation, a cruise on the great ocean, coach Sir_Taban also made a stop in Lustria.

He came around on this continent and went to many matches of the local teams.

It was a fascinating journey and some new facettes of Blood Bowl were seen.

The majestetic appearance of these Lizards down on that continent impressed him.

So he started scouting for talents and build up a new team to bring back to the Old World and dominate the MML with there uncommon way of playing our most loved game.

The strength of the Saurus should be the backbone of his Team. They are raw, but when put to training they will be shiny diamonds.

A few Skinks should be added to carry the ball and distract the opponents with their swiftness and sneakyness.

And finally he needed something real brutal to take on the big guys of the other teams. He saw that these teams sometime use the big Kroxigors. They are a bit stupid, but he thought that could be it.

First of all he was very disappointed, cause none of these players already in a team wanted to work together with a human.

So he  traveled to many of the Temple Cities and looked for outcasts of this society and gave them an opportunity to get out of their miserable life here in Lustria.

After weeks of searching his roster filled up.

He formed the Lustria Loners brought them back to the Empire and already put them into the bootcamp and completed the first games on the Farm.

Now they are hungry for more.

The beasts are unleashed to prove themselves on the Challenge league and maybe return to Lustria one day, to show what they are capable of.

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