Spike Magazine Exclusive: Doompeak and Destruction

This post is part of the series We are Doompeak

By April O’Neil

I had never before visited the home of the Doompeak Tunnelers. I had only saw the magnificence of No Man’s Land stadium via Cabal Vision. With money not being an issue due to the success of the team (and the loot taken from the previous owners!), the stadium stood tall and imposing, sitting on top of the former Karak of the once mighty Dwarven empire.  It had housed many amazing games and been home to the twice crowned Blitz champions. There is great mystery still surrounding what happened to the team, the franchise, the triumvirate. The infamous “board” had been ever present during the run attending games, after games parties and even been ejected from a number of notorious late night establishments. Then after the conclusion of a season, they effectively vanished. No one heard from them, the remaining players of the squad were released and no one was invited or allowed anywhere near the mountain. Attempts were made by undercover goblins to provide a glimpse into what had happened that brought down this once great franchise. They were never seen or heard again. No one could get within 10 miles and any attempts at using magical ability to scry into Karak or the surrounding area was met by a barrier of immense forse, pulsing with the power of the chaos warp.

When I received a familiar carrying a parchment with an invite to Doompeak almost 2 years after any word had made it out, I was very hesitant to go but the temptation to try to find out what had happened was too much. This was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass by. With details of a time and place to be, I was met by a hobgoblin, who escorted me to a gyrocopter for transportation. We had to refuel several times to make the long journey and I don’t think I’ve had a more unpleasant journey. I had packed for the week’s long travel but not being confined to the cabin for almost all of it. Food had been sparse and consisting mostly of stale breads and cold cuts of meat, of what animal I had no clue or real notion to ask. The approach to the mountain was signalled by the hobgoblin, as he  spoke for one of the few times during the journey, pointing to the side and said ‘Ere.’ Looking out the side I was greeted by a thick fog that obscured most vision. The gyrocpoter ploughed straight into it a full speed. After 5 heart pounding minutes the copter pierced the veil and I was met by a jaw dropping scene. I recognised the mountain instantly and was delighted to have arrived but my eyes were drawn to the area below the peak. Devastation! Where once stood the stadium, now stood a broken shell, with scorch marks and holes pitting the granite construction and the astro granite surface.  We landed square in the middle atop of the emblem of the fallen franchise. The remains of the eight arrow headed compass was could still be identified.

I jumped out of the door as soon as it was opened for me, eager for some fresh air. Though the air was a bit stifling and had a distinct ash like quality. I had the presence of being watched and turned sharply around, bumping right into a dwarf! Not just any dwarf, but a chaos dwarf I recognised at once, despite missing his right eye and much of his teeth. Grasnak Smelter, one of the triumvirate. He greeted me simply with…

Finally you here!! Welcome to Doompeak, home of the Bulls!’

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