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Coach Josiah Frost, or ‘JoFro’ stood in the middle of the pitch of the All Seeing Eye, home stadium of The Slann Seers. JoFro had gathered his entire team for a post season discussion, a few hours following their final match against ‘Claw & Score.’ His mind briefly reflected on his previous Lizardman team and players, sealed and frozen in the ground below where he stood. He smiled, looking at his team. He had enjoyed the lizardmen, but these guys made him so proud. So proud he was actually going to say nice things about them. So proud he was happy to mingle with them. So proud, in fact, he may even allow them to smoke cigars and drink brandy with him. Lord Xlotec, (the teams slann owner, magical consultant, brain-washer to the players and recipient of endless “may his name be praised’s,'” from the team,) had done JoFro a great favour, in letting him manage and coach these guys.

He opened up a box of cigars and handed them around. There was a minor complaint from ‘Eye of Revelation’ about how totally unhealthy it was to smoke such things and how coach JoFro may be better spending his time in meditation. The Overseer 2.1, appointed by Lord Xlotec and JoFro to handle ‘discipline’ on the team quickly shut this down however with a quick punch to the back of Eye of Revelation’s head that sent him reeling to the ground, only to flip his legs around and jump right back up, taking a cigar swiftly and bowing graciously. No one on the team messed with the Overseer 2.1, even the teams bear, who loved hugs and was a real softy at heart, or the Eye of Horus who was known to have a temper.

“It would seem my good and dear friend and colleague, the Overseer, has persuaded me to partake after all, Sir!” Eye of Revelation said, whilst lighting the cigar and inhaling deeply.

“You are not supposed to inhale!” Screamed Genuine Slann, the teams most recent signing.

Eye of Revelation was fighting back what looked like genuine pain, but merely choked out, “I’m fine. Carry on.”

The teams bear was being trained to smoke by Eye of the Tiger, which made JoFro smile. Now for the brandy he thought. He brought out a fine bottle and began pouring generous helpings and calling the team to order.

“It has been a great season and I am exceptionally proud of you!” said JoFro. “Second season in the Challenge League and this season we are unbeaten! We have faced chaos who wanted to rip your faces off, dwarves who wanted to cripple you at the knees, bring you down to their height and then punch you to death. Norse, oh lord, let’s not talk about that game, but thank goodness for Slann magic, Kislevites, whatever they are, lizards who don’t know that they should bow before the might of Lord Xlotec…” (This last comment was greeted to a rousing chorus of “May his name be praised,” from the players.)… Frost continued, “Yes indeed, may his name be praised! Humans, who also were less than friendly, and finally we have faced crazy frenzied necromantic creations! And you, my boys, you have flown! You have done magic and you have remained unbowed! But we must raise our glasses. There are those we have lost! Let us remember! One of the incarnations of the Eye of Time, The Super Seer and… What was the name of that other one?”

“Anton Kurakin,” offered Eye of Horus, who whilst also having a bit of a temper also seemed to quite enjoy the morbidity of death. He had even seemingly been reluctant to be resucitated himself from a serious case of prounounced death in the game vs Dio’s Midgets, before the apothecary totally insisted he get back on the field.

“Oh yes. I remember now!” Frost nodded. “Anton Kurakin, wasn’t really ‘one of the lads’ and had to be very ad hoc ‘moulded’ by Lord Xlotec….” (Again there was a rousing chorus of, “May his name be praised,” before JoFro was allowed to continue.) “Yes, yes, yes, may his name be praised, indeed,” JoFro said with only the mildest of frustration on his face,  “But yes, Anton, fine fellow. Didn’t really do much, more a stand in guy that wouldn’t go away. Well never mind… Let us remember them all. Especially the Super Seer, our captain. I shall miss him most of all!” Coach Frost wasn’t that sure, that was the case however. He had tended to find the Super Seers enthusiasm infectious, but also quite irritating at times, along with his insistence on finding a way to fit the word ‘super’ into every sentence. “But here’s to them all!”

The team raised their glasses in a salute.

“Well that was a Super, Super speech!” Came a voice from the back of the assembled players.

JoFro’s eyes narrowed. “What was that?”

A young man jumped over the rest of the team, seemingly from a standing start and bowed before JoFro. “Our lord has designated this one to be the Super, Super Seer, sir!” He declared. “He knew you were especially saddened with the death of the Super Seer and realised that you had indeed not had just a super season, but truly a super, super time! He didn’t want you to do without having a super, super player on your team! So he did a super, super job of making me, sir! Isn’t that truly super, but not just that, super, super, super…” He looked like his face may explode with sheer enthusiasm, “Super, Super Super!!!”

JoFro was wincing visibly at this point and reaching for another brandy. What is Lord Xlotec doing to me he thought.

The player, designated by Lord Xlotec to be the new Super Super Seer was not stopping. He was jumping up and down now with more frenzy than those werewolves had exhibited at the sidelines in their most recent game, all the while screaming out, “Super, super, super!”

It was all too much. JoFro tipped the Overseer 2.1 the nod and one swift punch later and the Super, Super Seer was seeing Super, Super amounts of stars from the ground.

“Well, he was right about one thing,” concluded JoFro. “Despite my deep reservations about this being season X, I, I, I, of the MML… It has actually not been bad at all… One might, indeed, say it has been, Super, Super!”

He looked down at the recumbant form of the Super Super Seer and smiled. “Season 14 boys! We got this!”




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