Sweet victory!

Greg Thompson: Good morning sports fans. Last night we witnessed the first victory of “Die Orkischen Brecher”. A clean 2:0 against the Teenage Mutant Denizens, an underworld team with a coach new to the sideline of a Blood Bowl pitch. The game was full of brutality, especially because of the Orcs did not win a single game this season so far. Two games, two losses was the record before. My guest at this morning is the Coach of “Die Orkischen Brecher”, Zidjey, who has a smile on his face today folks, I can assure you that.

Zidjey: Thanks for inviting me to this interview Greg, it was a short night so excuse me if I look a bit tired.

Greg Thompson: That’s alright Zidjey, I saw worse to be honest. So as a first question, how does it feel to finally win the first game after two losses and how did the team react to it.

Zidjey: It feels pretty good. The first game we lost even tho we had the chance to draw it. Against a stronger and much more experienced team like the Norse we played, a draw feels like a victory. The team might sees this different, because the Orcs are very proud and want to win every game. But I as the coach have to look at the games neutral. This is our first season and we want to improve to be a real threat in the future. But enough of that, we lost the first and second game. After the second loss the team was very angry because it was against woodelves. I think they took out their anger on the poor Goblins and Skaven from the TMD. I mean, we saw what happened right at the kick off. Raphael, a Goblin, was killed straight away. I knew prior to the game that they were angry, but I did not expect this. They played well the entire game, made hard blocks, defended well and scored two nice touchdowns. The team reacted to it like Orcs do. They celebrated of course. I don’t know how they celebrated because I leave them their space. They accepted me, even tho I am a human. They accept my own “behavior” and I let them live free as Orcs like they want it. The only thing I heard were painful screams and noises of a fight out of the team corridor. They had invited some “guests” who I did not see leave after the “celebration”… so I assume they had a good party “Orcstyle”. The only thing I do not like is the fact we had to rebuild the player corridor. We will do that and also upgrade the stadium. Thankfully we have the money to do that.”

Greg Thompson: I assume Orcs can celebrate really “hard”. In the game we saw two fouls from the Orcs against the Troll Shredder. A play style they normally do not have. Was that really necessary?

Zidjey: Blood Bowl is a tough and rough game. And when you get the chance to get rid of the strongest player your opponent has, you have to take this chance. So yes, it was necessary. However, this was not my choice but the teams. Or at least the first foul was. The first foul happened out of anger and the team used the TMD to take out their anger. When I saw they wanted to do the game like this I reacted to that, coordinated the players a bit better and we fouled again. This time Shredder was knocked out. It was another proof to the team that anger and rage alone do not give you success. You also need the brain to coordinate and do the stuff you want with more “thinking”. The team and I are a unit and games like this make us stronger and stronger.

Greg Thompson: Gurgosh Breitmaul killed Raphael straight at the start of the game. Will he get an extra award for this?

Zidjey: No, he won’t. At least from me or the club he won’t. What the team does is their stuff. Orcs do celebrate deaths and injuries different then most races. But if you want answers to that, you need to talk to the players… which I would not do right now. They are probably still sleeping after the celebration last night.

Greg Thompson: I won’t, I don’t want to join the Necromancers or Undead yet. Last question. The next game will be against the Abracadavers. They are a strong Khemri-team. Do you have plans on how to play them and how will you prepare for this game?

Zidjey: I have plans, I have strategies and I have have ideas. But, to be honest, we had 3 games so far and none of this plans were really used because you have to adept to the game that is played. Maybe I need to improve my playbook and think of more alternatives before the game. Of course you need to train it with the team as well. I won’t tell any of the plans and how we prepare in detail of course. The only thing I can tell is: We are ready for the next game and we are hungry for more victories!

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