Tales of the dino rock

Doubted by most and feared by none the Dino rock team lead out by newly appointed captain Rhino were running out onto the pitch ready to face the undead. No ordinary undead tho as these were the most experienced berzo had come accross and to make matters worse they were the favorites to take the cup home.

Nobody,including berzo expected to get this far but here they were in the quarterfinals. Could they come through this somehow,could they even make the final and the pros 1st time of asking…..

Turn 15 and Dino Rock are 1-0 up scored by the new captain and superstar rhino. The whole team had put in a huge performance and it was looking great for the win,it was tense,the blitz game from the Wright but it failed and rhino kept the ball to secure the win.

Next up was the semi and the huge task of facing the mighty force or Bernie and his nurgle and what a bruising match that was,we lost our good friend and st5 legend Raptor that game,sadly the 1st season was over but with the playoffs made we held our own,berzo was proud of his team and what they had accomplished.

It was late on the team night out, players were scattered all around the floor of the bar surrounded by naked cheerleaders and Amazon beauties,rhino and Trex were still putting shapes out on the dancefloor and berzos was at the bottom of his 3rd bottle of rum contemplating the season ahead and how 2 build on it when suddenly his phone rang. It was the commissioner with some good news,berzo gathered the team round him (some where admittedly unable 2 get up) and he shouted at the top of his voice “WE’VE MADE THE PRO’S”

The news instantly sobered up afew of the team and talk began about what to do next. Training would have to be upped,plans put in place and how do you replace someone like raptor who is still in all our thoughts.

Berzo had his eye on a player for some time but knew it was going 2 be a difficult task 2 aquire him from such a famous team and prolific coach but he had 2 try somehow.

The call was made and somehow the deal was done……

It was the training session before the 1st game and the team were running lines and practicing stamping wen a huge towering figure emerged from the changing rooms. You could feel his presence instantly,he was huge and walked with a certain strut only a legend could do.

Gather round guys shouted berzo I have someone I want you all to meet.

This is Gruntosaurus from TMNL,im sure u have all heard of him,well he is going to be playing along side you all in our 1st season in the pros.

The team were overwhelmed,even Trex bowwed down 2 the might of Gruntosaurus. Rhino introduced himself 1st and to his suprise Gruntosaurus already knew him. “I have seen you play rhino And I am impressed with what I see”

Rhino couldn’t believe it,Someone like Gruntosaurus knows of him. Rhino instantly removed his captain’s armband and handed it to him.

Please take this sir and wear it with pride!


  1. I’m not sure sauri have he Agility to manage taking an armband off and handing it over. Unrealistic!

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