Tales of The Unexpected

Coach DwarfGiant strolled in to the changing room of his Pumpkin Kings before their training session. ‘Lads, you did well last season, well, for a bunch of no hopers that is. Thankfully due to my coaching I got you promoted.’
Rurgask the Blitzer grimaced at his boss’s put down. He knew that he and the rest of the lads had over achieved last season, in no small thanks to Nuffle’s favour (and the performance enhancing drugs he’d smuggled into Ffostrasols pre match meal before they played The Royal Rat Authority – he still had to sleep with one eye open in case of reprisals from the Skaven underworld).
‘This year lads, now we’ve hit the big time in the Pro’s, I want more!’ Bellyguff the troll chose that moment to vacate his bowels and began scoffing the resulting mess ‘MORRRE’! he bellowed grinning inanely.
It was very unusual for a Dwarf to be running a team of Orcs, but DwarfGiant was unusually tall and had never been accepted by his own kind – some even accused him of being human. Over the centuries he’d come to appreciate the innate violence of the Orc and it’s suitability for the game of Blood Bowl and had somehow managed to end up in charge of this ragtag bunch and unbelievably led them to promotion in only their second season. Perhaps it was due to his natural hatred of the Greenskins that he had instilled a brutal training regime – whatever the reason it seemed to be working.
The coach shook his head. ‘Not more of that! I mean more craziness, more of the unexpected! Work on what we do best – what no one thinks we dare to do, just like last season!’ Gramzla looked puzzled. ‘Boss, won’t they be expecting that?’
DwarfGiant thought for a moment. ‘Hmm. Maybe we should run it this season,  but then again everyone expects Orc’s to do that too.’ He thought longer before a grin cracked his craggy face. ‘Bellyguff! How’s your throwing arm big fella?’
The stage was set for The Pumpkin Kings opener against the fabled Granite City Grimbeards in their first game in the Pro’s. Victory against his kinsmen, who had turned their back on him, would be sweet, but coach knew it was going to be the start of a long, hard season.
‘Let’s just not finish last lads – let’s do the unexpected’.


  1. Whoa, Bellyguff’s a brute. Strength 6 troll, look out! I bet he can throw a gobbo (or dwarf) real far!

  2. Absolutely, did it once last year for a TD! Fingers crossed he can do it again this season – think he might need to!

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