Team Overlook

From the old and abandoned Overlook Hotel, the vampires awaken from a long sleep. they look around in surprise and, in front of them is Cesarh21 with a book in his hand … the necronomicon (That explains his awakening). they were invcado. One of the Vampires recognizes him … He is the grandson of a neighbor’s friend (when he was human before he became a vampire). But that does not matter. They are hungry. Cesarh21 comes forward and offers them four servants to quench their thirst. As they devour their victims, Cesarh21 tells them about the MML league and that a new season is about to begin. “Join me and you will never lack blood for eternity”, Cesarh21 tells them. The vampires look at each other, before sleeping they had already played, but their coach betrayed them, sold his last game where the vampire’s partner died at the hands of drunken orcs. They would no longer trust another coach … although his proposal was very tempting. Possibly if Cesarh21 acts like the previous coach, they wouldn’t think twice and it would be the highlight. But Cesarh21 had the necronomicon in his possession and within the book the spell to dominate them again.

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