Tech Wizard Presents: PS4 Twitch and Announcing Games

Hello again everyone, its your favorite Eshin Sorcerer Stinky Sharptail with another edition of Tech Wizard Presents! This time we will be covering how to set up your PS4 with Twitch so you can broadcast your legendary games for all to see. We will also go over the Playstation settings you will need in order to ensure your voice can be heard while announcing a game on Twitch and how to organize announcing in the MML.

I highly recommend you create a Twitch account on the website ( prior to starting this tutorial. You can create it with the Playstation browser but to quote one of those awful Orc coaches the experience is “sub-optimal”. Creating an account is simple and straightforward so it will not be covered in this tutorial.

Jump on your PS4 and head over to the Settings menu. You will see the Sharing and Broadcasts option:

Head into there and you will see the following menu:

Go ahead and hit the Link with Other Services option and you will be brought to this screen:


Once you hit the Twitch option it will give you a QR code and a numerical code. If you have a QR reader you can use that. Personally, I prefer to just head over to and throw in the numerical code. This will link your PS4 and Twitch accounts. Now you are ready to broadcast! Well, almost…

Head back to Settings -> Sharing and Broadcasts. This time we are going to select the Audio Sharing Settings option. We will see this screen:

In order to be able to broadcast your voice to the hordes of Verminkin out there you need to check “Include Microphone Audio in Broadcasts”. If you are the Twitch host you will need “Share Party Audio” checked so everyone else can hear your announcing partners. If you decide to take video clips (this will be the subject of a later tutorial on shareFactory) and you want your voice recorded be sure to check “Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips”. With those selected your technology has been configured to allow for the announcement of MML games! Now you just start the game, hit the share button, select Broadcast Gameplay -> Twitch. But wait! There’s more!

Now you need to find a headset. Any standard stereo headset with a mic should work: this includes the 3.5mm earbuds with a mic that come standard with most cell phones (a later article may cover best/worst recommendations from our MML announcers). Plug it into your controller and you should be good to go!

So your PS4 is set up, you have a mic, and you are ready to broadcast! What now? Head over to the #announcements channel on Discord. Here you will find a list of upcoming games for the week. Find a game that matches your free time and send a DM to one of the coaches stating that you want to announce their game! Or hit them with the @(coachName) tag in #general. Generally if an experienced announcer is free during the same time they would love to lend a hand!

One final note: DO NOT ORGANIZE YOUR ANNOUNCERS IN THE #ANNOUNCEMENTS CHANNEL! Preach will mute you with a wrathful vengeance if you do so!

As always if you have any questions or suggestions for future articles leave a message here or send a DM to StuffnJunk84 on Discord. Until next time my friends, keep your Tail dry and your Weeping Blades wet!

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