Tech Wizard Presents: Twitch and YouTube Archiving

Hello everyone, its your favorite Eshin Sorcerer, Stinky Sharptail, with a new series: Tech Wizard Presents! Today we will be covering the basics of Twitch and YouTube account setup for video archiving. I assume you have already created your Twitch and YouTube accounts.

So you’ve joined the MML and seen the great videos in our YouTube playlist:

You may have wondered to yourself, “How do I get my videos up there?!” Well, with a few simple clicks you will be good to go!

First, you must make sure that Twitch is set to archive your videos. This must be accessed from your “Settings” menu via web interface: smartphones do not currently have access to this menu. Log in on the page and access your settings:


Head to the “Channel and Videos” tab and ensure that the “Automatically archive my Broadcasts” button is checked.


Keep in mind that Twitch only archives videos for 14 days without a paid subscription. So how do you keep those awesome broadcasts from fading to black? YOUTUBE! You will need to connect your YouTube account to Twitch. Head over to the connections tab and link them up:


For those who have Amazon Prime, I recommend you link that account as well. It will give you ad-free access to Twitch and a few other perks. Check out more at

We aren’t quite done yet though! YouTube only lets you post 15 minute videos without a verified account. So lets get you verified! Head on over to and login to your account. You will need to access your account settings:


And from here we need to “View additional features”:


There will be a link under your channel name that either says “Verify Channel” or “Verified”:


If you aren’t already verified then click the link and follow the steps. Keep in mind that only 2 channels can be verified from a single phone number each year.

And that’s it ladies and gentlemen! You are verified and ready to start exporting videos from Twitch to YouTube! To do so go to your video manager on Twitch:


You will see all of your archived videos. You can export from here:


Be sure that you are not exporting in 15 minute segments!


Be sure to send a message to Stuffnjunk84 with a link to your YouTube channel so he can use his tech powers to be automatically notified when you post new videos!

And there you have it ladies and gents! Its not as difficult as it seems and if you have any questions you can ask Stuffnjunk84 on Discord chat or PSN Message! Also, please comment below on any tech articles you would like to see in the future. Until next time my friends, Keep your Tail dry and your Weeping Blades wet!


  1. Oh my goodness. I am currenty viewing from work, but this looks really helpful. Looking forward to getting sat in front of my tech at home and using this guide! Thanks Stuffnjunk, sir! 🙂

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