That ones for Kaiser

The coach was still on cloud 9; he couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. At first he thought the heat wave that had plagued the second half was making him hallucinate. He had to check with his assistants, the crowd, the players, the other coach; they all confirmed the scoreboard was right, they had finally got it done and WON.

After last week’s disappointment and losing Kaiser, this was just what the the team had desperately needed. Their goblin opponents A-F-D hadn’t made it easy and Nuffle had thrown in a few surprises.

The match had been played in a fun party atmosphere. Kaiser family and friends had been in the crowd, a rather strange mixture of human, ogre, orc and elf; they had requested that it was a celebration of his life rather then of his early demise.

The first half left them 1-0 down with all to play for. Killer and Zippy had tried over and over again to sack the pogoer but with no luck. At the 2nd half kick off, the coach put out his arms and flapped them up and down; the sideline and then the entire stadium crowd joined in flapping their arms silently. This was a prearranged signal to Zippy and Tiny which said ‘boys route 1 it’. That’s exactly what happened in the first play of the second half: Zippy picked up out of the backfield, passed it to Tiny, who was thrown up the pitch to score. They were back in it, smiles appeared, belief raised.

Now it was time for some Nuffle love.
The sun came out, players on both sides were exhausted from its rays, leading to reducing numbers. A bomb was thrown and somehow, and with no idea what to do afterwards, intercepted by a eager gnoblar. A second bomb thrown sent an ogre off his feet, but missed the nearby gnoblar.

Then the chance appeared. The ball came free. Tiny picked up the ball, handed off to his friend Boris, who he ran up the field, immortality seemingly awaiting. Nuffle didn’t want to make it to easy and an A-F-D goblin knock him off his feet with meters to go. Then it happened in slow motion: a pickup, a hand off to a unmarked You Can’t See Me (YCSM), then a simple run in.

The crowd went wild and the coach ran the full length of the the pitch screaming. A quick glimpse at the clock showed 5 minutes to go. A doubt crossed the coach’s mind: could they hang on? History will say the last 5 minutes went on forever. The ball bounced this way and that; Tiny managed to grab it and ran to safety.

The final whistle blew; the crowd in tears of joy; the coach leaping around like a mad man. Zippy grabbed his teammates and as one line they saluted the crowd. They all put their left arm up and looked and pointed to the sky, ‘thats for you Kaiser’

The win had come and who knows what the future held, but tonight the team were going to celebrate.

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