The 313th Nurgle Brigadiers Pathway To The Playoffs…

A mirthfully natured myriad of happenings had occurred since the Venomstream
Barracks “Filthy Faithful” saw their platoon of Pestigors, Warriors and Rotters as
well as Louisfilth SluggerIV saw the preseason predictions such as the royalty of
the Plymouth-Ivybridge United Brettonians ceremoniously canned to make way
for the BB Uzvaras Sparni Baltics (Kislev) and the Kettleworth Gourmets found
themselves locked out of Okonomiyaki Arean as the blubbery buggers discovered
that the Shamutanti Swamp Swordz (Goblins) would be returning to the pitch of
Verminstink Quagmire. Without a Rotter punting the pigskin with proficiency, a
slower than molasses Beast of Nurgle (It’s not like they’ll be breaking any Wood
Elf sprinting records) and a general lack of combination blocks being thrown, the
313th Nurgle Brigadiers went into a troublesome trio of games in order to see
their first playoff berth that began with the Undead, Dark Elves and those pointy
eared Mamby Pamby Wood Elves which looked like they’re demolished, but still
boasted a treasure trove of talent, even if it meant that some mercenaries would
get an opportunity to shine.  All of this weighed gargantuanly on the mind of Mr.
Aristotle Agyrazkodas as he learnt painfully that he wouldn’t have the funds to
bring across the desired Nurgle Warrior from the 878th Nurgle Bootcampers
(Block-Mighty Blow-Claw) and knew that working with the existing bunch  of
hulking behemoths would have to suffice once again next season…

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